Find out how members of Talkingworks have experienced being on the directory.

Thanks tons for your awesome website – I’m getting some clients now which is very exciting!

Rachel Hanover-O’Connor, Christchurch, 2024

Talking Works has been a great experience from day one. The enquiries received via this platform has helped to build and sustain my private practice.
Any communication with Karen is a pleasure. Talkingworks is a trusted and effective platform for both professionals and those seeking support!

Kate Armstrong, Auckland, 2024

It was a really effective and useful Listing, thanks, and if I get going again you will be my first person to reach out to.

Robert Nelson, Wellington, 2024

Thank you for the outstanding service and great platform over the years.

Werner Briedenhann, Dunedin, 2024

I will definitely use talkingworks again in the future if my mahi changes.

Rae Elvy-Arnold, Wellington, 2024

Thank you for all the referrals I have received from Talkingworks over the years.

Christopher Swane, Wellington, 2024

The listing was really a great help to get private clients self referrals, thank you for the amazing work you do.

Sophie Pachot, Lower Hutt, 2024

Thanks so much for your continued support via Talkingworks – we continue to receive enquiries about our rooms for rent, which we greatly appreciate.

Debbie Penk, Auckland, 2024

I’ve done only private practice work for about 3 years, and when I talked with my colleagues about making a website, they advised me to join TalkingWorks instead because it’s where they’ve always had the most inquiries through. And I still haven’t made a website because I don’t need to. It’s a great service.

Frances Williams, Wellington, 2023

I have found Talkingworks really effective as a platform. The seamless and user-friendly interface has made the whole process easy and accessible. 

Tina Kwok, Auckland, 2023

Thanks for continuing to offer this wonderful resource for clients, which continues to offer significant value to me.

Timothy McMichael, Palmerston North, 2023

I had seen other clinicians with profiles on Talkingworks, but was unsure about the process of creating a Listing for myself. Raewyn was quick to respond and offered helpful tips to enhance my Listing. She gave me personalised tailored feedback about how to edit my text and the process was easy, informative, and reassuring. I would recommend considering Talkingworks to profile your counselling services.

May-Lee Chong, Online, 2023

Thanks so much for your service. It was very useful and you were always very helpful and accommodating. Advertising my counselling room through Talkingworks has proved to be very professional. – I am currently fully booked. I will definitely make use of your service again. 

Deon Wessels, Lower Hutt, 2023

photo of Juanine Lim counsellor christchurch
It’s pretty nerve wrenching to go into private practice, but this is the best decision for me and my whanau. Having such speedy response and communication has made it a smoother and easier process.

Juanine Lim, Christchurch, 2023

photo of counselling room in auckland
Thank you for your support with the add for my room to let. I found you very helpful and easy to deal with. I have found lovely tenants. Thanks again, it really helped!

Gabriela Mercado, Auckland, 2023

photo of Dana Lee counselling psychologist auckland
I’m very grateful for your service which provides many people access to therapy. 

Dana Lee, Auckland, 2022

photo of Jane Nicholson retired counsellor wellington
Thank you for the website. It’s been a really wonderful source of clients and I recommend it to my colleagues. 

Jane Nicholson, Wellington, 2022

Thanks Karen for your wonderful service. The webpage has informed a number of new clients very well.

Eva-Maria Steinmetz-Urieli, Hastings, 2022

I’ve been referring clients and my supervisees to Talkingworks because it’s become a valuable clearinghouse. Congratulations on your success! I can trust Karen to respond quickly and helpfully to my listing needs.

Marta Fisch, Auckland, 2022

photo of Gail Teale retired counsellor wellington
I want to say a big thank you for the wonderful service you have provided over the years with the Talkingworks site. It has been great value for money and you have always been prompt and helpful in response to any changes required.

Gail Teale, Wellington, 2022

photo of Judy McCormack counsellor wellington
I want to thank you, Karen, for setting up and maintaining Talkingworks. Having a profile there has been so instrumental in enabling clients to contact me through all the years.

Judy McCormack, Wellington, 2022

Advertising through Talkingworks has worked very well for me – I am currently fully booked.

Rachel Baker, Wellington, 2022

Thank you for your time with looking after my profile, it has been so beneficial for the years that I’ve been on Talkingworks and I highly recommend it as a resource to others looking for a therapist.

Victoria Stewart, Wanaka, 2022

Thanks so much for your service it was very useful and you were always very helpful and accommodating.

Olivia Notter, Otaki, 2022

I am pleased to report back that I have had three people contact me from the room advertisement so far. Am feeling very happy.

Anita Seccombe, Auckland, 2022

Thanks Karen. Such a good service.

Vivienne Pender, Wellington, 2022

photo of Paula Yeatman counsellor auckland
Love your service and site – many thanks indeed.

Paula Yeatman, Auckland, 2022

photo of Seiko Shirai psychotherapist auckland

Talkingworks has helped me a lot to attract clients. And your support has been invaluable!

Seiko Shirai, Auckland, 2021

Thanks it has been a great first year with Talking Works, it has really helped me start up my private practice.  The correspondence has been great from you, thanks for being a friendly email away when needed.

Rebecca Reynolds, Auckland, 2021

I am so pleased I approached you a couple of years ago about being on your website, it has really paid off.

Catherine Sloan, Whanganui, 2021

photo of Marie Corbett counsellor auckland

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and for your help with my Profile, I did not require my own website, being on Talking Works was enough.

Marie Corbett, Hibiscus Coast, 2021

photo of Jennifer McGarry counsellor auckland

Many thanks, I get a lot of referrals from here.

Jennifer McGarry, Titirangi, Auckland, 2021

Thanks for your ongoing website, I receive many referrals from this as well as referring others to the site.

Sue Beresford, Online, 2021

photo of a leather counsellor chair

In three months the room advert has worked superbly well for me. I have rented the three days that are not in use to three different people who I think will work very well. You have a great website there.

Andrew Duncan, Wellington, 2021

photo of Brian Gummer counsellor

Thankyou for all your help over the years you have assisted me and my private counselling endeavor hugely.

Brian Gummer, Wellington, 2021

photo of Fleur Davie counsellor auckland

I appreciate the business I have received from Talkingworks, and your professional approach over the years.

Fleur Davie, Auckland, 2021

Thanks so much for the service you provide though, it does work great and is great to be able to direct clients too.

Dr Judith Elder, Auckland, 2021

Thank you for the awesome service, I recommend this to all of my colleagues!

Lili Latham, Papatoetoe Auckland, 2021

Many thanks for your wonderful service.

Tom Didovich, New Lynn Auckland, 2021

photo of Jessica Tutty counsellor

Enquiries having been flowing in very steadily from my TalkingWorks page (which has been awesome) and much to my surprise I have already reached my full capacity of clients (a lot sooner than expected!)

Jessica Tutty, Auckland 2021

photo of Louise Morton arts therapist

I’ve found Talkingworks to be a really useful and well-run service.  Thank you!

Louise Morton, Tawa Wellington 2021

Thank you so much for your service. I’m so pleased with it. It’s going really well!

Mo Nathan, Auckland, 2021

I just wanted to feedback that this is a helpful website and I have several referrals from it.

Ann Welcome, Auckland, 2021

photo of Barbara Reardon

Thanks for all you do, the website has worked well for me in Taranaki.

Barbara Reardon, New Plymouth 2020

I’m really appreciating your service. It’s worth it’s weight in gold!

Angela Baker, Palmerston North 2020

photo of a counsellors comfy chair

Thanks so much for the room advertisement, it has been very successful, and it is now fully subleased.

Jayne O’Neill, Wellington, 2020

photo of Helen Houston counsellor

The website is looking great and is really helpful for me, so many thanks for all the work you put into this.

Helen Huston, Hibiscus Coast 2020

Advertising on TalkingWorks website has been instrumental for building and sustaining my practice. There has been a steady flow of referrals since the week my profile went live. Thank you for your always helpful and efficient communication.

Yulia Von, Auckland 2020

I wanted to thank you for maintaining this great directory. It is daunting to set up a webpage and using your service was so easy. I also get a number of referrals through Talking Works so thank you again.

Nicola Tiller, Khandallah Wellington 2020

I really appreciate how well the site works and how much interest I get from it – you’re doing a wonderful job.

Emma Mackie-Watts, Auckland 2020

Talkingworks has been amazing for me this year. I have had clients coming through my Profile to help boost business and keep it running.

Lisa Ooi, Auckland 2020

photo of Moira shorten retired counsellor

Thank you for your hard work in developing and maintaining Talkingworks. I have had many good and interesting referrals.

Moira Shorten, Howick, Auckland, 2020

I have really benefitted from the talkingworks website and have had a lot of new clients, so thank you for such a great service.

Kimberley Sutherland, Kapiti Coast, 2020

Many thanks for your most efficient and ongoing service.

Alexandra Winterburn, Albany, Auckland 2020

photo of Jenna Hammington

Things have been very busy since advertising via talkingworks! 

Jenna Hammington, Wellington CBD, 2020

Wow Karen. I’ve had an enquiry from the article already. Fantastic start !

Blair Schulze, Auckland 2019

I just want to say thank you for having a website like Talking Works. I have found it hugely helpful this year.

Adebisi Riwanou, Wellington 2019

photo of Marianna Ackerman Psychotherapist

Thanks for such clear, prompt communication Karen.

Marianna Ackerman, Wellington 2019

photo of

Thanks for keeping the directory running smoothly.

Ariel Xie, Auckland 2019

I’m excited to be listed on Talkingworks – I have found the website very reliable and user friendly myself while looking for professionals.

Ketan Kulkarni, Auckland 2019

Thanks, Karen. I have referred, and will continue to do so, quite a lot of people to your website. It is a brilliant resource for people.
Allison Lamont, Auckland 2019

I’ve found Talking Works so awesome, and you so great to work with. It has really helped me to get on my feet, over the 4 years I have been working away at building my private practice, so thanks so much!

Charlotte Reynolds, Auckland 2019

Your website is excellent in terms of online exposure. Over the past year I have had quite a few enquiries and new clients from people who found me on Talkingworks.

Suryagita Cox, Wellington 2019

photo of Sherry Zhang Carter counsellor

I am very happy with the consistent referrals I have been getting form talkingworks. Thank you.

Sherry Zhang Carter, Auckland, 2019

Thank you for your excellent website. I appreciate it a lot.

Ratna Dyer, Whanganui  2018

Let me say thank you for your great work. You always come back to me quickly and efficiently with any adjustments to my page I request and I am appreciative of that.

Gina Legg, Remuera & Takanini, Auckland  2018

photo of Nicole Smith counsellor and life coach

Really happy with the referrals through Talking Works and have suggested it to a couple of colleagues.

Nicole Smith, Waikanae 2018

photo of Joanna Tennant and Paul Bowden Silverstream Counselling

Just want to say how great it’s been for us to be listed on talkingworks! So a big thank you. It’s a great site.

Joanna & Paul, Silverstream Counselling,  Upper Hutt, 2018

photo of roy and carol bowden

Thank you for what you have done for us. Your site enabled us to keep practising longer than we had planned. Talking Works has been a huge source of clients over many years and your service is an excellent referral system. It was always easy to attend to couple counselling requests promptly and we were impressed with the technology expertise you employed. Additionally, your site made it easy to refer people on to colleagues we trusted. All we had to do was give their names to clients and point them back to ‘Talking Works’. Good wishes to all therapists and clients and especially to you Karen.

Carol and Roy Bowden, Kapiti Coast, 2018

Talkingworks is producing great results for me.

Shona Leggett, Hibiscus Coast 2017

Thanks for the service you provide, it worked well for me.

Michael Apathy, Christchurch, 2017

photo of James Cliff counsellor

I am really enjoying your site for my counselling practice.

James Cliff, Blenheim & Nelson 2017

The room for rent advert has worked really well, I have a subleasee for my room for a couple of days so thank you so much for your awesome directory.

Claire Miranda, Wellington 2017

A big THANK YOU you for holding the space with TalkingWorks. It has really helped me to get started with my private practice. The support your site offers (including tips on how to word the blurb) and the welcoming support you gave me last year when getting my profile loaded, were invaluable.

Anja Striepke, Wellington 2017

I want to pass on my gratitude for the opportunity to be on this website. It seems to work well thanks to the thought and effort you put in by creating this site in a very effective and safe way! I truly appreciate it.

Angela Morgenstern, Petone, Wellington 2017

I’ve got a really good amount of referrals from Talking Works.

Crista Schorr-Kon, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 2016

I’ve been really impressed with the talkingworks site – getting lots of business from it!

Kimberley Bignell, Lower Hutt, 2016

photo of Diane McIndoe psychotherapist

I want to say – thank you!  Your site works extremely well for me.  I have been delighted and on top of that I have found you supportive and approachable.  I absolutely have been recommending you to colleagues.

Diane McIndoe, Wellington, 2016

photo of I'd like to let you know I am very happy with your website. Over the past almost a year it has been a very reliable source of referral for my practice, so I will definitely be continuing to advertise on it. Aniela Pojar, Northcote, Auckland, 2016

I’d like to let you know I am very happy with your website. Over the past almost a year it has been a very reliable source of referral for my practice, so I will definitely be continuing to advertise on it.

Aniela Pojar, Northcote, Auckland, 2016

I appreciate all that you do, and have been getting a fair amount of work out of this website – both face to face and Skype.  It has a great outreach.

Anna Redgrave, Online, 2016

photo of maxine brayshaw counsellor

I’ve been telling therapist friends about Talkingworks & your prompt and efficient communication and awesome work on my profile.

Maxine Brayshaw, Tauranga, 2015

Thank you for your wonderful service, I am very pleased with the results.

Steve de Quincey, Albany, Auckland, 2015

photo of fran darragh counsellor and art therapist

Hi Karen, I have been very happy with the results of your website. Well done and thank you.

Frances Darragh, Ponsonby, Auckland, 2015

I am really valuing my Profile on talkingworks and have found it very effective in attracting clients, so thanks so much!

Serena Walker, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 2015

Thanks Karen I appreciate your responsiveness and how easy it has been to set up the Profile.

Bob Cavanagh, Wellington, 2015

photo of cilla kaiser counsellor

Thanks for the Profile you have designed for me, I am getting new clients coming through regularly to Manukau.

Cilla Kaiser,  Manukau, Auckland, 2014

photo of Ali Andrew counsellor

I must say, I’m pleased with the amount of new clients I am getting through Talking Works 🙂 Many thanks.

Ali Andrew, Henderson, Auckland, 2014

A huge WOW the response from the Talking Works profile has been phenomenal and totally beyond my expectations with 5 new clients all booked in and finding a way to well-being.I have recommended the site and you personally to counselling colleagues.

Caroline Williams,  Christchurch, Auckland, 2014

Thank you – I have had many referrals through talkingworks, it has been really helpful and was very affordable for the amount of clients I received!!

Bree Nicholls,  North Shore, Auckland, 2014

photo of angelika schuster counsellor

I get more clients through my talkingworks Profile since you have changed it. Thanks again.

Angelika Schuster,  West Auckland, 2013

Thank you for making the changes I needed – looks great. I’ve already had one inquiry! Thanks again for all your help – the process was painless!

Paul Letham, Christchurch, 2013

photo of denise hufer psychologist

I just wanted to let you know that I will be leaving NZ. I got most of my clientele via talkingworks. You have really created an amazing resource that was sorely needed. It’s been fascinating watching it mature over these last few years and it’s been one of my best decisions to join the listing. Thank you so much for your assistance and prompt support whenever I had a query or request regarding my webpage.

Denise Hufer,  Auckland, 2014

photo of vicki graham clinical psychologist

Karen, I was extremely grateful for your help in developing my webpage. You made it immediately more user-friendly and informative! I began getting enquiries within the first month of being on line, and the majority of these have gone on to make appointments with me, or I have referred them on to colleagues. The webpage is my biggest source of referrals in the private sector, producing several enquiries each month. Many thanks.

Vicki Graham,  Palmerston North, 2014

photo of sara parsons

I do appreciate the listing on talkingworks. I get quite a few enquiries through the website.

Sara Parsons,  Wellington, 2013

photo of julie obrien

Talkingworks has always worked really well for me as a referral source, thank you!

Julie O’Brien,  North Shore, Auckland, 2013

photo of judy sutherland

I’m really happy with the Listing, and I get a reasonable amount of traffic to my own website from it. Talkingworks is a good site.

Judy Sutherland,  West Auckland, 2012

photo of samantha head counsellor

Many thanks, I’ve had some good results from the Profile Page.

Samantha Head  Palmerston North, 2012

photo of Sally Forman psychotherapist and life coach

Whilst well trained and highly experienced, it can be challenging, as a recent immigrant, to establish a private practice. Working with Talkingworks as a platform from which to share my services has been a pleasure. Talkingworks was recommended to me by a colleague. I am grateful for the recommendation. The process of creating my profile was collaborative, and seamless. Communication was clear and prompt. My profile was up and running within two weeks. Within a week I had my first client contact. A few weeks in and people interested in the services I offer are continuing to reach out. I am finding Talkingworks a viable and professional space within which to advertise my expertise. I would be delighted to recommend its service to another professional in the field.

Sally Forman,  Wellington, 2012

If you are a counsellor wanting to leap into cyber technology with your own professional web page, I highly recommend you get in touch with Karen. The support Karen offers is fantastic! I am thrilled with the page we have created together, with Karen offering wonderful ideas at every point of the process. A Goldilocks experience! Not too much and not too little but the’ just right’ kind of information, encouragement and technical skills. Equally important is it is stunning value for money. I wish I had contacted Karen months ago if I had fully realized what fantastic technical support and creative ideas was being offered to make the process as easy as is possible.

Leela Anderson,  Grey Lynn, 2012

I’m more than happy with everything that you’ve done creating my Profile Page – it’s certainly made it a much easier job for me as getting it started was a real stumbling block.  And, you will be pleased to know that I picked up my 1st client from it last weekend – very impressive!!!

Jan Seeley,  Howick, Auckland, 2012

judy lawrence logo grey seagull flying on white background

I have decided to retire from counselling for the time being. As a consequence, I will not need my Profile Page any longer. Thanks so much for your organisation. My Profile has worked really well for me and I am full of admiration for you setting this up. I will certainly come back to you if I start up again.

Judy Lawrence, Auckland, 2011

photo of Nicole Smale counsellor

Many thanks for the fantastic job writing my Profile Page! I am delighted.

Nicole Smale,  Coromandel, 2011

photo of yvette atkinson counsellor

Great thanks so much for the changes to my Listing – super efficient!!

Yvette Atkinson, Rotorua, 2011

That was so quick and is great. Thanks again.

Isabella van Hoye, Auckland, 2009

photo of meg mcmillan counsellor

What a relief!! Tackling the technology is not my strong point!! I am grateful for your promise of back up !!

Meg McMillan, Remuera, Auckland, 2011