Talkingworks is about two communities coming together to find solutions to life’s challenges, heal wounds and create better futures.

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People helping people

Talkingworks is about the people looking for help and the people who can help them. People looking for psychological help have all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and difficulties, and on Talkingworks you can search among our 600 professional counsellors around Aotearoa New Zealand to find one that suits your needs.

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Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists

Professional counsellors and therapists are the backbone of Talkingworks. Thank you for the services you provide to the people who come to our website looking for help. We are here to make it simple for you to connect with potential clients and tell them about the ways you can help them.

You can also connect with each other through the rooms for rent, job vacancies and professional development pages.

photo of Karen Field founder of Talkingworks

Our story

Talkingworks was started by Karen Field way back in 2006 when the internet was just warming up and creating a website was tricky and expensive. She decided to create a counselling directory to help colleagues promote their services online and provide the public with a simple way to find the help they were looking for. 

Karen was a psychotherapist (PBANZ, MNZAP, MNZAC) in private practice on the Hibiscus Coast for 16 years. Today she works fulltime keeping Talkingworks humming along.

Raewyn Knowles is a psychotherapist (PBANZ, MNZAP, DAPAANZ, MNZAC) in private practice for 15 years, including eight years in West Auckland. She works full time providing counselling, therapy, supervision, group facilitation and training.

Raewyn joined the Talkingworks admin team in 2023 to to help out with all the website tasks that happen in the background, that support therapists to promote their services to the public through this online directory.