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The talkingworks Directory connects you to professional counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists throughout New Zealand.

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On talkingworks we only list counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who are registered with a recognised New Zealand professional body. This means that their qualifications have been assessed and they are required to adhere to a Code of Ethics.
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photo of Maddy Kear counsellor auckland

Featured Article

In our most recent article Riding the Wave of Overwhelm During COVID19, counsellor Maddy Kear talks about how we can manage our feelings and fears during the Covid-19 lockdown ....
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photo of Sabina Larsen counsellor

Sabina Larsen

Sabina is a Wellington counsellor who works with children, youth, young adults, adults and families from all walks of life. She is passionate about helping people find easier ways to manage problems that come their way and find solutions which lead to more peace and fulfilment.
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Jacinta Cooney psychotherapist and counsellor christchurch

Jacinta Cooney

Jacinta is a counsellor and psychotherapist in Christchurch who is passionate about people and the ability of psychotherapy to enhance and restore a sense of wellbeing within them.
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