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Joy Campbell grief and change welliington

Featured Article

A new job, moving to another city, starting or finishing a course, changing houses, losing a treasured item, downsizing, relationships starting and ending are a few of the changes which are likely to occur in life. And, it is usual to experience a wide range of feelings before, during and after a change occurs

In our most recent article Tranistional Grief, counsellor Joy Campbell asks looks at the multi-faceted effects of grief.
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Clare Hiroti  counsellor and psychotherapist whanganui

Clare Hiroti

Clare is an experienced Bioenergetic psychotherapist who helps people develop physical and psychological wellbeing so they can engage in life and relationships more fully. 
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Sophie Toutain counsellor and psychotherapist christchurch

Sophie Toutain

Sophie is a counsellor and psychotherapist who is skilled at supporting people on their journey to empowerment, response-ability, choice-fullness and engaging with life harmoniously. 
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