Mo Nathan

Renew Your Mind


What really matters is results. Living a full and abundant life is your birth-right. Let go of whatever it is that slows you down and become the powerful, creative & connected person you know you are deep inside. I offer a kind, encouraging & effective space for you to achieve exactly that.


Counselling Services

I offer a kind, safe, warm, encouraging, supportive, respectful, empathetic, and non-judgmental space. The focus is on results and moving forward. The goal is for you to heal the past and to grow towards a meaningful and fulfilling life on all your desired levels.

We embark together on a guided journey of awareness to gain insight and drive change. Via compassionate enquiry we unpack limiting core beliefs, memories, patterns, and underlying issues that cause unhelpful behaviours and the recurrence of unwanted situations. Those are transformed to bring about balance and health – mauri ora. I will support you in the process of problem solving and decision making at times of transition and uncertainty

Mindfulness training and coaching of the body-mind connection, or embodiment, is at the core of the work. Change will come with less effort.


Common issues that I work with:

  • Mood: anxiety, depression, stress, emotional numbness, overwhelm, burnout; anger, grief, guilt, and shame.
  • Relationship: coaching the tools and skills of communication, empathy, trust, conscious sexuality and deep connection; managing conflict, co-dependency, polyamory (open relating), affairs & break-ups.
  • Life issues: trauma, addictions, low self-esteem, loneliness, abuse, rejection, feeling stuck, procrastination, loss, scarcity, creativity blocks, social difficulties, attraction challenges, lack of intimacy; connection to your power, meaning, purpose & direction; existential & spiritual dilemmas.


Counselling Approach

Somatic / embodied, humanistic, existential, solution focused, narrative, Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR, CBT & DBT therapy modalities and mindfulness as a common thread.

Influences also drawn from approaches such as: Hakomi, Gestalt, Nonviolent Communication (NVC); archetypal-experiential-transpersonal depth psychology, shamanic traditions, movement, drama & ritual theatre, integral theory, yoga & martial arts.


About Me

Having gone through considerable challenges in my own life’s journey has yielded effective learnings, insights, and tools that I share with my clients. I work as a specialist at a domestic violence agency on Waiheke Island, offering individual, couples and group therapy as well as a wellbeing programme for men.

I teach courses and transformational retreats on embodied mindfulness and radical responsibility. I am also available to setting up conscious men’s support groups in your community. Get in touch for more info.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)

Q Qualifications

- Accredited Facilitator of Non-violence Programmes for Men (Living Without Violence Tauranga & Waiheke, 2018)
- Child Protection Programme (Child Matters, 2018)
- Certificate in Embodied (Somatic) Counselling (Australasian Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2017)
- Diploma in Professional Counselling (NZ Institute for Professional Counselling, 2016)
- Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education (Taruna College, Havelock North, 2013)
- Certificate in Non Violent Crisis Intervention (Crisis Prevention Institute, 2012)
- Graduate Diploma in Communications (AUT, Auckland, 2007)
- Bachelors in Philosophy (University of Jerusalem, 2002)

Q Languages

I am fluent in:
- English
- French / Français
- Hebrew / עברית

Q Appointments

- WAIHEKE: Mon to Thu 4pm - 8pm
- CBD: Friday 8am to 7pm
- Weekends are possible too, get in touch.

Q Payment Options

Cash, bank transfer.