Steve de Quincey

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Social Work.


There are many ways of getting strong,
sometimes talking is the best way.


Navigating life’s challenges, transitions and relationships, with yourself and others, can often be challenging. Whether you find yourself all too often anxious or sad, experiencing career or relationship issues, struggling with substance abuse or compulsive behaviors, or unsure of the next steps you want to take in your career or life, with the help of psychotherapy adults, teens and children can develop tools and discover resilience that can be used now and in the future to overcome challenges that stand in the way of satisfaction, happiness, and a more fulfilling life.

I provide an opportunity to work through current stresses explore long-standing problems in the safety of a nurturing, non-judgmental environment.

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • anger managment
  • phobias, OCD, social anxiety, and panic
  • recovery from trauma
  • depression
  • relationship difficulties
  • domestic violence
  • self-image, self-confidence, self-esteem
  • grieving and healing after loss
  • major life choices, changes, and challenges
  • living through transitions
  • enhancing effectiveness and performance
  • infertility and adoption issues
  • coping with illness and caretaking
  • parenting
  • male Issues
  • co-dependency


​​​Individual Therapy

Everyone goes through difficult situations in life and there is nothing wrong with seeking additional support, when needed. Individual Therapy can offer new solutions to old problems that you may be struggling with and will help you to resolve issues before they become major obstacles in your life. Individual therapy will help provide insight, clarity and give you tools to deal with unresolved challenges and issues necessary to achieve a renewed sense of harmony and well-being. You are not alone and should never feeling guilty about your struggle to resolve a problem yourself; therapy is an investment in yourself, which can serve not only to help you problem solve difficulties faced but also to energize your life, actualize your potential, and better realise your hopes and dreams.


Men in Change

Stephen de Quincey has written therapeutic programmes for men to explore their individual stories and implement change for many years. The Men in Change group offers a multi-therapeutic approach for men of all ages to share their thoughts and explore the issues they are experiencing. It supports men through their process of grief, loss and confusion, validating their stories, experiences, change and initiatives. It also offers tools, skills and knowledge for men to change their lives, deal with issues and share their stories.


Counselling for Children, Teens and Young Adults

Our youth are precious. They are also very difficult to understand because they have their own views of the world and those views do not fit well with adult ideas of how things should be. Drawing on a mixture of Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Family Systems therapies, and using a range of art and play techniques, children of all ages are encouraged to identify, explore, and resolve behavioural and emotional struggles. Working from their strengths as well as their interests, children and adolescents enjoy and willingly participate in the therapeutic process.

If your child struggles with any of the following issues, I can help:

  • anger issues
  • self esteem
  • adoption issues
  • mood disorders
  • anxiety
  • identity Issues
  • depression
  • thoughts of suicide
  • grief and loss, trauma
  • difficulty with social skills
  • learning styles and attention differences
  • abuse, physical or psychological
  • substance abuse
  • risk taking or impulsive behaviors
  • communication and relationship issues at home
  • coping with parental separation
  • perfectionism and obsessive thinking


Couples Therapy

Couple therapy is not easy, but it is always thought provoking and emotionally engaging as you grow to understand the feelings and thoughts reflected in your own behaviour and of your partner. Making a commitment to examine what you each bring as individuals to the couple dynamic and how you are functioning as partners provides an opportunity to build or repair a deep and lasting bond.

I can help you:

  • set goals for counselling outcomes
  • explore relationship history
  • investigate emotional triggers
  • practice intentional dialogue
  • reduce negativity and build appreciation
  • address infidelity and other relationship exits
  • develop empathy and heal wounds
  • re-ignite intimacy and passion
  • establish a loving partnership
  • manage separation and divorce
  • co-parenting respecting the needs of the child


Family Therapy

​​​Every family goes through ups and downs in life. Family problems can manifest in the healthiest of families, resulting in challenging, frustrating, and painful interactions among family members. From little irritations to buried resentments, from dramatic arguments to feelings of guilt, disconnection, helplessness, hopelessness, disappointment, and anger we did not even know we had, our families often bring up the most intense emotions we experience, for better or worse.

Whether your family is struggling with relational concerns, communication difficulties, behavioural problems, divorce/separation, grief/loss, depression/anxiety, addiction, parenting/co-parenting concerns, or a combination of stressors, family therapy can help.


About Steve

I have been in professional practice since 2000 and have facilitated a wide range of groups including Anger Management Groups for over 13 years. In my professional work having my own practice allows me the flexibility to be able to contract to other agencies (i.e. ManAlive) through QVTP. This contracted work has included working in schools, providing group and 1:1 therapy sessions for youth. I have also facilitated my own written programmes for both youth and adults for external agencies and QVTP.

Besides my experience as a Social Worker and Counsellor, I am a father of three boys and grandfather (more than once) and have been in multicultural relationships most of my life. I am also a Tradesman Cabinetmaker, who has been a foreman and factory manager. As an enthusiastic musician, composer and producer of my own and others music (therapeutically and socially), I bring these skills into my therapy. I have participated in martial arts and alternative healing life skills on my life’s journey.


My Counselling Approach

My approach to treatment is integrative: I don’t have a “one size fits all” philosophy, I draw on a cross section of eclectic therapies, incorporating classical, modern and creative therapies. I have developed and implemented highly successful social skills / anger management interventions and programs, to help children, teens, adults, couples and families change the way they relate to themselves and others.

My 8 years at Massey University and the global academic research validates the wide range of therapies and modalities I use in my practice. It depends on the clients wishes, my purpose is to ‘walk alongside’ my clients, to allow self discovery on many levels (physical to spiritual), for them to create their personal therapy experience.


Therapies available:

  • EMDR
  • Solution Focused therapies
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Gestalt/psycho-dramatic
  • Mindfulness and Neuroscience therapies
  • Music and Art Therapy
  • Jungian analytical and Play therapies
  • Narrative psychotherapies


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
- Member of the EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA)

Q Qualifications

- Masters in Counselling
- Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling
- Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Q Fees

- Fees fluctuate depending on therapy intervention, contact QVTP for pricing.
- I am WINZ registered for those on benefits.