Prompt Friendly Help

I am always happy to help, whether it’s for specific queries, resizing images, or to load the whole thing for you.

Use the instructions below to CHANGE YOUR LOCATION on your existing Counsellor Listings.

I am also happy to do it for you, just get in touch.

screen shot of sign in button for talkingworks

Sign in

  • click on the SIGN IN button at the top right corner of your screen

Go to your Dashboard

  • hover over your account name in top right of screen
  • click on DASHBOARD in the drop down menu
screenshot of talkingworks member dashboard

Choose Listings

  • click on LISTINGS in the left hand menu
screenshot of Talkingworks member listings

Choose the relevant Listing

  • click on the NAME of the Listing you want to edit
  • you will be taken to a Preview of the Listing
  • click on the BLUE EDIT button at the bottom of the screen
  • NB: if you have counsellor Listings for multiple Locations you will need to change your Images in EACH Listing
screenshot of location map for help pages on talkingworks

Full Address

  • scroll down to the “Full Address” section of the editor
  • the address you enter will create the Map on your Listing and place your pin on the Map visitors see when they are searching the Directory.
  • if you only work online, leave the address blank

To Change your Address

  • start typing your address, if a drop-down list appears select the address that matches yours, if a list doesn’t drop-down just type in your address
  • sometimes including a building name or a Level in a building will confuse the system, so you might have to have a play with what you type in
  • you don’t have to put in your full address, if you only put in a street or suburb or town the system will put your map pin in what it thinks is the middle of that street or suburb or town
  • check your map after you click update, if it doesn’t like your address it will default to New York, and then you’ll need to try another version of your address
  • any problems get in touch, I’m happy to work it out for you
screenshot of location menu visitors use for talkingworks help page


  • these are used by the filter system when visitors want to select counsellors by location
  • as they type a suburb/town/region a drop down box appears from which they can choose the geographical area they want to look at
  • the resulting set of Listings and map pins displayed for them will be for those Counsellors that have ticked the “City” tag the visitor has chosen

To Change your "City"

  • select the city/town/suburb, that your office is located in, from the drop-down list
  • if you see options for your suburb and town and region then select each of the levels,
    eg. someone with an office in the Wellington CBD could select the higher level WELLINGTON as well. This means that if a visitor chooses to look at all of Wellington you’ll show up, or if they choose just to look at Wellington CBD you will also show up
  • PLEASE DO NOT select all the suburbs surrounding your location, this will distort the map and annoy visitors
    eg. if you have an office in Newmarket you are welcome to select Newmarket, Central Auckland and Auckland, but please do not also select say Parnell, Remuera, Mt Eden and Auckland CBD
  • this list is a work in progress, so get in touch if your Location is not listed
  • if you work in multiple locations ONLY select the city/town/suburb relevant to THIS Listing or it will distort the map
screenshot of update button in talkingworks counsellor editor

SAVE your changes

  • click the UPDATE & PREVIEW button at the bottom of the page
  • after you click SAVE it will take you to the PREVIEW screen, to return to the editor, click the BLUE EDIT button at the bottom of the screen