Prompt Friendly Help

I am always happy to help, whether it’s for specific queries, resizing images, or to load the whole thing for you.

Use the tips below to make changes to any part of an EXISTING Room for Rent Listing you want to update.

Note: changes on an existing Listing are LIVE as soon as you click the SAVE button. You can then click the EDIT button at the bottom of the preview screen to return to the editor if you want to make more changes.

photo of signin button on talkingworks

Sign in

  • click on the SIGN IN button at the top right corner of your screen
photo of dashbord button on talkingworks

Go to your Dashboard

  • hover over your account name in top right of screen
  • click on DASHBOARD in the drop down menu


Choose Listings

  • click on LISTINGS in the left hand menu


photo of account Listings in talkingworks editor

Choose the relevant Listing

  • click on the NAME of the Listing you want to edit
  • you will be taken to a Preview of the Listing
  • click on the BLUE EDIT button at the bottom of the screen
  • make your changes and then click on the ORANGE SAVE & PREVIEW button at the bottom of the screen


SAVE as you go

  • there is a SAVE button at the bottom of the page
  • after you click SAVE it will take you to the PREVIEW screen, to return to the editor, click the BLUE EDIT button at the bottom of the screen
  • each time you UPDATE you will be taken to the PREVIEW screen
help image for title and tagline

Listing Title & Tagline​

  • the Title & Taglines show on the Directory results pages and your Listing
  • they can be changed anytime
  • the Tagline is optional
  • you can leave the Tagline blank, put in your Practice name eg. Mt Eden Psychotherapy and Family Counselling, or say something to connect with potential renters eg. Freedom and flexibility for your private practice
screenshot of location map for help pages on talkingworks

Full Address

  • the address you enter puts your pin on the map
  • start typing your address, if a drop-down list appears select the address that matches yours, if a list doesn’t drop-down just type in your address
  • you don’t have to put in your full address, if you only put in a street/suburb/town the system will put your map pin in what it thinks is the middle of the street/suburb/town
help image for locations box


  • these are used by the filter system when visitors want to select rooms by location
  • select your closest city/town and suburb from the drop-down list
  • this list is a work in progress, so if you can’t find your location let us know and we’ll add it
  • if you have rooms for rent in multiple locations ONLY select the city/town and suburb relevant to THIS Listing or it will distort the map


  • enter the phone number you want potential renters to contact you on
  • you can leave the box blank if you don’t want to be contacted by phone


  • if you want a link to your website enter the address here

Select Your Listing Features

  • these filters help visitors select room adverts that suit their needs
  • select as many as are relevant

Social Media

  • you can add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
  • select the type of social media
  • enter the address
  • save it by clicking the blue + button




  • this is a required field, and your Listing will not save if you leave it blank
  • you can use the basic editor to format your text, if you have any problems let me know I am happy to tidy it up for you
  • if you hover over the grey triangle in the bottom right corner and drag it you can make the editing box bigger for easier use
  • Heading 3 will give you a BLUE heading in the published page, but it will still look black in the editor itself


  • you can add a link to a video in this box
  • videos can be a great way to show potential renters your space
  • they don’t have to be professionally made, try creating one on your phone, it just needs to be a good resolution and have clear audio
  • keep them short, 1-3 minutes is generally recommended for a website
help image for photos of rooms for rent on talkingworks advert


  • these images will show in the gallery at the top of your Listing
  • images will work best if they are 245px wide by 270px high
  • if you don’t know how to crop and resize your images feel free to send me the originals I’m happy to do it for you
  • you can add as many images as you like, but be aware that not many people take the time to scroll through a slide show so put your best 3 first

Featured Image

  • this image will be displayed in the Directory Results pages
  • images will work best if they are 245px wide by 270px high
  • if you don’t know how to crop and resize your images feel free to send me the originals I’m happy to do it for you