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Follow the steps below to look at your visitor numbers and whether they contacted you.

photo of signin button on talkingworks

Sign in

  • click on the SIGN IN button at the top right corner of your screen

Go to your Dashboard

  • hover over your account name in top right of screen
  • click on DASHBOARD in the drop down menu
screenshot of visitor stats for talkingworks members

The Basic Statistics

  • USER VIEWS = how many visitors your Listing/s have had since you opened your account
  • CUSTOMER LEADS = how many contacts (emails, phone number clicks, website clicks) your Listing/s have had since you opened your account
  • CUSTOMER REVIEWS = the option for the public to make reviews is TURNED OFF on Talkingworks
  • under RECENT ACTIVITIES you can see how many visitors have clicked on your website link (if you have one), who emailed you, and if someone phoned you (directly from your Listing)
  • NOTE: we’ve noticed that when Listings include a LINK to your own WEBSITE, most of the visitor contacts on your Listing are clicks through to your website (rather than direct emails from Talkingworks). You may be able to see in your own website stats whether the traffic you are getting from Talkingworks is a significant contribution to your visitor numbers. It also means that their decision whether or not to make contact with you is in the end a response to your website content.

See graphs

  • click on MORE INSIGHTS to see weekly or monthly graphs of your visitors and contacts (leads)
  • note: the graph is for the current calendar month, so if it’s early in the month you won’t see a lot.