Alexis Kliem



All of us are a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. No one has it all, and no one lacks it all.
– C. Peterson


Areas of Special Interest

  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • emotional issues
  • stress
  • anger/violence
  • alcohol and drug problems
  • life stage transitions
  • other mental health issues


Counselling/Therapy Services

Sometimes people can experience difficulties that impact on their lives and relationships. For example, do you find yourself anxious and worrying all the time? Do you feel low, flat, unmotivated or stressed and unable to enjoy or find meaning in life? Do you experience sudden changes in your moods or emotions that can negatively affect your relationships? Do you engage in unhealthy behaviours, such as excessive eating, alcohol or drug use, violence, or sexual behaviours that cause problems for yourself or others?

These are all common symptoms that come from trying to manage modern life and the different pressures that can be a part of this. Psychological therapy can be a useful way to find strategies to address these issues and work towards creating a more meaningful and satisfying life.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

I am a registered psychologist based in West Auckland. I use a professional, warm, non-judgmental, and supportive approach to enable you to work towards your goals and problem solve through any barriers that may get in the way of these. As I believe a solid, safe, and trusting relationship is important for therapy, I am happy to try to answer any questions you may have before arranging an appointment or meeting for the first time. Please feel free to contact me by text message, email or phone and I will do my best to answer any questions.


Background and Experience

I have experience supporting individuals from early adulthood onwards with a range of difficulties including trauma, anxiety, depression, emotional issues, stress, anger/violence, alcohol and drug problems, life stage transitions, and other mental health issues. I am trained in effective intervention models that are supported by research, that can be adapted to suit your needs. These include CBT, ACT, and DBT. My previous work as a psychologist has included working in the health, justice, alcohol and drug, and tertiary education sector as well as private practice.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Psychologist
- Member NZ Psychological Society (MNZPsS)
- ACC Registered Counsellor

Q Qualifications

- Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology
- Masters of Health Science (Psychology)
- Master of Arts (Psychology)

Q Fees

- $185 per hour
- fees can be paid by Cash or direct credit.