Andrew Jones

Psychotherapist & Supervisor


I provide a contemporary psychoanalytic approach which acknowledges and works with the unconscious mind of the client. Understanding the interaction between the conscious mind, the unconscious and the body is key to unlocking self understanding and change.


Areas of Special Interest

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • loneliness
  • conflict
  • lack of direction in life
  • trauma
  • somatic and health difficulties


What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy?

This is a type of talking therapy which takes account of our unconscious mind.
Our unconscious mind is out of day to day awareness and yet has considerable influence over our intentions and behaviours. This means change is not easy and it can feel that at times we get in our own way or battle with ourselves as a consequence.

How effective is it?
Research has shown this kind of psychotherapy to be effective with a range of difficulties and disorders. The research also indicates that clients often will continue to grow and benefit from the effects of this type of therapy long after the therapy has stopped.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

I usually see people for weekly sessions.

I would encourage you to;

  • Follow your thoughts and give expression to your feelings.
  • Explore your inner life and your relationships
  • Notice and explore the therapy relationship

The exploration of the therapy relationship is the core of psychoanalytic therapy. The information gleaned here provides a window into your unconscious process which brings to awareness unacknowledged yet active fears, patterns and longings. These lost aspects are acknowledged, reworked and integrated in a way that bring a more secure, whole and stronger sense of self.


Background and Experience

I have been a psychotherapist in private practice since 2003. Prior to that I have worked for the DHB both in NZ and overseas in the UK. As well as working in private practice I have also presented many workshops. Workshops have addressed subjects such as object relations in practice, writing psychotherapy formulations, managing complex risk, and psychodynamic nursing.
I am also an expert advisor for the Health and Disability Commission.


Supervision Services

I offer supervision to psychotherapists and other health professionals who wish to develop a psychoanalytic perspective on their work or gain an applied understanding of British Object Relations theory.

I also have a good understanding of systems theory and cybernetics as applied to families and social systems.

I have worked extensively with clients experiencing complex trauma and personality disorders.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Psychotherapist
- Member of the NZ Association of Psychotherapists (MNZAP)

Q Qualifications

- Diploma in Psychotherapy
- NZAP Advanced Clinical Practice
- Bachelor of Nursing

Q Location

3rd floor
1 Thorndon Quay

My office is next to the rail and bus station. There is plenty of metered parking nearby.

Q Appointments

Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Q Fees

$115 per session.

Q Payment Options

Payments can be made by internet banking transfer, cheque or cash.