BeChange Behavioural Services

We believe in making life better for all children


At BeChange, we’re passionate about helping parents and educators overcome all kinds of behavioural and developmental challenges.

So if you have any concerns about your child’s development or behaviour, no matter how big or how small, you’ve come to the right place.


We believe every child is unique

At BeChange we’re experts in child psychology. And that means even though we’re serious practitioners, we’ll never lose our sense of fun. Every child and family is unique, so we tailor our Services for Children to suit your specific needs.

  • Specific Behaviour Services: for children whose parents are concerned with a specific behaviour (12mths – 21 years).
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: for behaviours such as anxiety, social phobia, depression, refusal or avoidance of important activities or aggression and self-injurious behaviour (6 – 21 years).
  • Education Support & Consultation Services: for disruptive or challenging behaviours at school or an early childhood centre, we will collaborate with education providers to develop an individualised behaviour plan
  • Early Learner Services: we teach important skills like language, play, social, adaptive, gross motor and fine motor skills, using your child’s own motivation. Parents also learn to model the therapist’s techniques at home (12mths – 6 years).
  • Primary Learner: we focus on the skills your child needs help with, including language, play/leisure, social, gross motor, fine motor and adaptive skills (6 – 13 years).
  • Learners for Life: focus is on relevant skills such as language, leisure, social, functional living, adaptive skills and vocational skills (13 – 21 years).
  • Individualised Programme Development & Supervision Services: we can also support your own carers and independent behaviour therapists with additional training and supervision (12mths – 21 years).


We believe parents are the best teachers

One of our most important jobs at BeChange is supporting parents and families. Our BOOST programmes equip families with proven strategies to cope with behavioural challenges, so that every child can reach their full potential.

  • BOOST Play: fun, practical coaching sessions, where you’ll learn how to embed learning moments into everyday play. Ideal for parents of children with ASD or developmental delays.
  • BOOST Skills: you’ll learn how to help your child learn the important skills they may have been struggling with (12 – 21 year olds).
  • BOOST Behaviour: when your child has challenging behaviours that are interfering with their daily life, this individualised programme can help.
  • BOOST Healthy Eating: if your child has selective feeding issues or food refusal, we can help.
  • BOOST Toilet Time: our parent-led toileting interventions are tailored towards children with developmental disabilities (3 – 16 years).
  • STRESS to STRENGTH Parent Workshop: a very supportive group course ideal for parents of children of any age with a disability or developmental delay.


We believe learning should be fun

We take a collaborative approach in working with educators, schools and early childhood centres, for individual students as well as full classroom or school-wide management programmes. We provide teachers with the most up-to-date knowledge in understanding child and adolescent learning and behaviour and also how to apply this to the student’s in their classrooms.


We believe in friendly expertise

Our friendly and passionate team of BeChange professionals includes Behaviour Technicians, Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, and Registered Psychologists.


Director, Owner, and Clinical Supervisor, Registered Psychologist
I’ve had 22 years’ experience working with children, teens, their families and educators across home, school and community settings. I’ve had extensive experience in assessment and individualised programming for early intervention, primary learners and teens. I am passionate about developing ways to provide practical, proven and hands on training to parents and educators.


Director, Owner, and Clinical Supervisor, Registered Psychologist
I’ve been working in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis for 15 years, in both special education and mainstream education settings, as well as in home and clinical settings. I have extensive experience in designing individualised interventions for people of all ages and needs. I love seeing parents succeed and becoming a confident partner in their child’s development and learning.


Clinical Supervisor, Registered Psychologist
I joined BeChange as a behaviour therapist and was so passionate about helping children and their families achieve success that I completed my BCBA internship through BeChange and have stayed on supervising programmes ever since! The best part of my job is when parents, teachers, or therapists get excited about a recent achievement, even if it’s an achievement of the parents. There are so many breakthrough stories. When a child says their first words, or when a child starts to show enjoyment in playing, those moments to me are huge.


Clinical Supervisor, Registered Psychologist
I have been working with children and young adults with developmental disabilities for over 5 years. I began working for BeChange in 2015 and have gained valuable experience in early intervention, working with older children aged 6-10, and parent and staff training. I have developed a strong interest in working with clients with Selective Mutism as well as teaching through Natural Environment Teaching.


Q Registrations and Memberships

Our friendly and passionate team of BeChange professionals includes:
- Registered Psychologists
- Behaviour Technicians
- Board Certified Behaviour Analysts

Q Locations

Most of our services happen at your place! We currently are currently available in Whangarei and Auckland. We can often provide services in other areas of New Zealand so do contact us to discuss how we might be able to help you.

Q Book a consultation

The first step is to book a 60 minute meeting with us. Here we will gather background information and discuss your goals. Following this we will recommend what services best suit your needs and together we will make a plan that is tailored to the individual, family and/or school environment.

You can contact us on 021 0220 8341 or use the email enquiry form.