Ben Burggraaf

I'll help you take control of your mental health.

You’re here because you want to transform

You want to be happy and live free from fear, uncertainty, stress, anxiety and depression. You don’t want to suffer anymore. You want a new way of living that is energising and fulfilling. You want to let go of what is holding you back and be your most authentic and compassionate self. It takes tremendous courage to let go of the past and imagine a different future for yourself.


Who am I and how can I help you?

Hey! My name is Ben Burggraaf and I am a Master-qualified Counsellor who believes mental health is wealth. My job is to help you take back your control. In counselling, you’ll talk and I’ll patiently listen with compassion. We’ll explore what’s causing your problems and talk about new strategies to overcome them. Instead of fixating on your faults, you will learn how to be your most authentic and compassionate self. You’ll start to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life that works for you.

My clients tell me I am warm, friendly and helpful. I’m confident in helping you find relief from anxiety, depression and “self-sabotaging” behaviours. I take a whole picture and whole person approach that is tailored to your individual needs and concerns. You are in the driver’s seat. I am simply the co-pilot here to help you achieve your goals.


I work with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Relationship conflict
  • Confidence and boundaries
  • Self-awareness: overcoming “self-sabotaging” behaviours

My Master in Counselling focused in Narrative Therapy and I also draw inspiration from positive psychology, CBT, ACT and mindfulness based approaches.


About Ben

I was born with life threatening food allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, shellfish and many other medications. From a young age I almost had to become a practical Counsellor because I had to make sense of my own suffering and turn it into something meaningful.

Before counselling I cut my teeth working in marketing and sales roles for companies including Microsoft, MediaWorks and Drake Recruitment until finally… the light bulb found the socket in counselling.

Fast forward to today and I am a Master-qualified Counsellor who loves what he does. In my private practice I work with youth, individuals and couples. Before my private practice, I worked as a Counsellor for two years at two local schools here in Mount Maunganui. Living in Mount Maunganui, I love surfing, spending time in nature with my partner and I hands down make New Zealand’s best homemade potato hash browns.


Free 20 minute discovery call today

If I sound like the sort of person you could see yourself talking to, then call me at 022 424 9200 or visit to book a free 20 minute discovery call today.


Q Accreditations

- Masters in Counselling (University of Waikato)
- Member Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMH)
- Provisional Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)
- Psychology Today Verified Counsellor
- Member New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology (NZAPP)
- Counsellor for I Am Hope (Gumboot Friday)
- Bachelor of Management Studies (Marketing Major BMS, Chairman’s Award Top Marketing Student)

Q How does counselling work?

It starts with a simple phone call, a no-cost appointment, and a conversation. If the fit is good we’ll set a time to talk either online or in person.

In a counselling session we’ll sit across from each other. You will talk and I will patiently listen with empathy and compassion. Together, we’ll identify harmful thought and behaviour patterns. I will help you understand your lived experiences, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, beliefs and values. As we move through counselling, we’ll explore your past, present, and future, your hopes and dreams, as well as your fears and regrets.

Then, we’ll address strategies to help you regulate and control your thoughts and behaviours. Instead of fixating on your faults, you will learn how to be compassionate with yourself. You’ll learn how to be your most authentic self.

Expect to experience and begin to identify new feelings and emotions. At times, I will ask you to challenge the beliefs that do not serve you. The trust that we have established and your willingness to be open will allow transformative work to occur. You will be able to set clear wellbeing goals for yourself and construct a plan to achieve them.

Q How is my approach different?

Too often, clinicians will use a medical model that focuses on altering people’s behaviour without fully understanding what makes them who they are.

My approach is to take a whole picture and whole person approach. I will help you understand your lived experiences, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, values and beliefs that have shaped who you are.

That way, we can then create a tailored and personalised approach that fits your unique strengths, values and preferences instead of looking to fit you into a box.

I draw from Narrative Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and mindfulness based approaches.

Q Fees and working hours

- Appointments are 60 minutes and fees are $130 for individuals and $150 for couples.
- Working hours: 9am – 7pm Monday to Friday