Ceit Robinson

Therapy, EMDR and Supervision


Fully Booked Ceit's individual caseload is currently full and she is unable to accept new clients for individual therapy. Returning clients please get in touch to discuss an appt.


Ceit is a therapist and supervisor on the Kāpiti Coast, and a co-founder of the Kāpiti EMDR & Therapy Centre.

Her specialty area is trauma recovery. This may not always present as a single big incident trauma, but may also be developmental, attachment or accumulative events that have left a negative impact on your wellbeing.


In addition to individual therapy, Ceit provides EMDR group facilitation and professional supervision.

Qualifications and Registration

  • Masters in Counselling (Massey University)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Counselling and Guidance)
  • Diploma Trauma Management
  • Advanced EMDR Training
  • Group EMDR Trained
  • ACC Registered
  • Full Member NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
  • Student Member NZAP


Q Individual Therapy

Ceit provides therapy for short, medium and long-term clients. Her style is relational, and she is committed to creating transformation and positive change with her clients.

Q Group Therapy

Ceit is a facilitator and Group EMDR therapist. These may be self-funded or fully subsidised with an approved ACC Sensitive Claim. For more information on EMDR Groups, please see kapitiemdr.co.nz.

Q Supervision

Ceit provides professional supervision for a range of disciplines in the health and social services sector. Ceit's relational approach focusses on the supervisor/practitioner relationship to enhance safe clinical practice and practitioner wellbeing.