Chris Redemski

Not coping with life. I can help.


I will listen hard with a soft heart. I have lived life in all its tough stuff and will help you with your problems without judging you. Whether it’s dealing with past pain to stop it contaminating the present, making a tough choice, or committing to a new goal, you’ll find me caring and sensitive of your needs. So let me help you learn how to choose with no regret, laugh while you practice wellness, and find out how to do what you love.


I provide counselling for adult men and women for a wide range of issues including:

  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Change


Change Successfully

Don’t know how to get where you are aiming for?
Don’t know where you want to aim?

People can be engaged with change for many reasons. Sometimes we are seeking a change and want support to actually get there. Sometimes it’s being forced upon us, like a job loss or a partner leaving and involves emotional turmoil. Sometimes it creeps up on us, like the change from one stage of life to the next and we realise we are not making the adjustment very effectively.

Whatever is bringing you to change I can help you through all the stages of getting to where you want to be. I have a lot of experience helping people to manage the emotions change brings, as well as defining their goals and working out the steps they need to take to get there. When you need encouragement and support to keep going or take the next step, I’ll be right there with you. And if you trip up I’ll help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and teach you the motivation skills to move forward again.


Live Without Fear

Are you afraid of life?
Afraid of the unknown?
Afraid of the future?
Afraid of people?

If your fear is out of proportion, or even out of control, I can help you to look at what is causing it, teach you strategies to control it, develop an understanding of it, and start to live free of it. It can revolutionise your life to be free of fear. You will begin to experience inner security, have time to put energies into positive things, be able to handle challenges far greater than those you can manage now, and take effective steps to improve your life.


Getting Through Grief

Whenever there’s a change there is grief, how do we deal with it?

I think we underestimate grief. Any change creates grief. Not just loss of a person, but also, a lost relationship, death of a pet, losing your job, a good friend moving away, chronic illness, physical impairment. Unfortunately there is no magical cure for grief, but going through it with a counsellor who understands the grief process can make it easier. I can reassure you about what’s normal. You can be real with me about how you’re feeling because I’m not going to fall apart on you or hurry you up. And when you are ready, I’ll help you come up with your own answers about where to next. It’s true I can’t feel your pain for you, but I’ll be right there with you till you emerge out the other side.


Counselling for Men

As a male counsellor I understand some of the struggles that come with being a man in todays world.

In my experience men really want to believe they can fix themselves. But they can’t, hiding behind a glass of beer in the pub is not going to cut the mustard. They just keep feeling alone. Whether it’s a mate/friend/guide or counsellor, if you want to change you need someone to see what is behind your mask. So that is the most critical thing I aim to give the men who come to see me, a place where they can feel safe enough to be real, so that we can work on sorting out their problems together.


About Chris

I bring a broad life experience to my work as a counsellor. This means I am readily able to relate to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

Before changing careers I had successfully operated my own company installing large air-conditioning systems in major building projects, and very early in life worked in the printing and trucking industries.

​I have also spent more than 10 years coaching girls soccer teams, taking two of my teams to wins in Australasian Championships.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member NZ Association of Counsellors

Q Qualifications

- Diploma in Counselling
- Community Award Certificate (for helping youth)

Q Testimonials

"Chris just climbed in there with me, he was ok with all the puss and the muck, and eventually I felt ok too."

Q Locations

Suite 21
Hinemoa House
184 Hinemoa Street

Wellpark College
6 Francis Street
Grey Lynn

Q Fees

Cash fees are payable at the end of each appointment The following rates apply (includes GST):

- People on benefits, very low incomes, students, and superannuitants, who are eligible for the Disability Allowance from WINZ, your counselling wil usually be fully paid for by WINZ
- Income up to $35,000, $65 per session
- ​Income between $35,000 and $70,000, $90 per session
- Income $70,000+, $110 per session