Clinical Training in Imago Relationship Therapy – Clinical Skills Two

Imago Institute for Relationships

Pre-requisite for this training is attendance at Clinical Skills 1.

PLEASE NOTE Attendance at a ‘Getting the Love You Want’ Couples Workshop is a requirement for Certification, but it is highly recommended that you attend a workshop as early as possible in the training programme, and preferably prior to Day 8. If you do not have a partner, then a friend, relative or colleague will qualify.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further. For more information Couples Workshops.


Learning objectives include:

  • Consolidation and supervision of the Imago Dialogue and Behaviour Change Dialogue.
  • Experiential work which will deepen your understanding and skills.
  • Introduction and Practice of the Dialogical interventions of Commitment Dialogue, Holding Exercise, Positive Flooding.
  • Focus on working with sexual issues between couples.
  • Deepen understanding of the reactive interactional cycles which arise through attachment and developmental wounding and how to work with this.
  • Learn more emotionally focused tools for working with couples with attachment wounds
  • Learn about the Self and the way we defend ourselves in response to connectional rupture, the impact on relationship and the use of dialogical interventions for repair
  • Gain insight into how to work with couples in crisis and how to work with highly reactive couples through the use of particular interventions, the use of containment and affect regulation.
  • Learn how to track energy within the therapist and couple and to use the concept of ‘The Space Between’.
  • An emphasis throughout this work on building empathy, romance and appreciation. Learn clear steps for relational repair



Places are limited for this training.


Q Dates & Locations 2023

- Clinical Skills ONE (Days 3-7): Auckland 29 October-02 November 2023

- Clinical Skills TWO (Days 8-12): Auckland 02-06 December 2023

Q Fees

- Payment can be made via internet banking or credit card.

Clinical Skills 1 & 2 (Days 3-12):
- Discounted option for payment for 10 days upfront
- $2700 Early Bird Fee (Ends 29 September 2023)
- $2900 Standard Fee

Clinical Skills 1 (Days 3-7):
- $1500 Early Bird Fee (Ends 16 August 2023)
- $1600 Standard Fee

Clinical Skills 2 (Days 8-12):
- $1500 Early Bird (Ends 02 November 2023)
- $1600 Standard Fee

If you attend the training with your partner: there is a 50% reduction in your partner’s fee for Clinical Skills 1&2, if your partner is joining you on the training out of personal interest there is an 20% reduction in your partner’s fee for Skills 1&2, if your partner is on the Clinical track

Q Presenter: Peter McMillan

Clinical Instructor, Imago International Training Institute.
Peter is amongst New Zealand’s leading relationship experts. He has been specialising in working with couples since 1996 and has presented Imago Clinical Training for Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors in both New Zealand and Australia since 2007. Peter has also participated in trainings in most major modalities and brings this experience into this dynamic two-day training. Peter is known as an excellent teacher, dynamic and passionate, with a keen intellect and a warm, compassionate manner.


Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is a coherent, comprehensive and dynamic theory and practice, offering a cutting edge and effective method for working with couples. Relationship science has made giant leaps in the last decade and our work with couples is now more succinct, layered, and effective. IRT offers systematic, structured processes to transform painful relational dynamics, create safety and connection, and increase passion.

An effective, research-based modality, IRT offers both short term therapy and a deeper long-term approach for couples in distress. It teaches clear strategies which will transform your work with both individuals and couples. The Imago relationship Therapy model is based on psychological theories from Freud to Neuroscience, woven into dialogue-based interventions which deepen connection. Learning and integrating the Imago model into your practice can make working with couples more fun, rewarding and successful.

The Imago structure can help couples create conscious, loving relationships and clinicians report finding renewed confidence and excitement with couples’ work!

“I can say unequivocally that Imago Relationship Therapy is the most effective model for understanding and improving Relationships. It works!” Pat Love (EdD and author of Hot Monogomy)