Genevieve Scase

Counselling & Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy can help cultivate a deeper, kinder relationship with yourself, and in turn with others. It can help you develop trust in what you feel and may nurture a sense of integrity and authenticity.

Many people come to psychotherapy to be understood, validated and recognized for who they really are, while others come because they’re experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief, conflict, a sense of stuckness or long term health challenges.


Therapeutic Process

Seeking psychotherapy is a big step, it means you have acknowledged there are things going on in your life that are not okay. It also means you are feeling a readiness to do something about this.


The following is a brief overview of some of the key components involved in psychotherapy as I practice it:

  • Insight – The reflective process helps you to recognize and make sense of what you are experiencing. Gradually, it becomes possible to give voice to difficult or obscure feelings and neglected parts of yourself.
  • Ideas & Inspiration – The above has us question taken for granted truths about who we are and about life in general; we begin to see how we see and to envisage other ways of thinking about things.
  • Intention – Because old feelings and not so helpful behaviours are well established, it’s important to address what gets in the way of translating ideas into change.
  • Movement – Sometimes spontaneously, sometimes through deliberate intention, you start thinking, feeling and doing some things in a different way. Of course, walking a different path and literally building new neural pathways is usually a two steps forward, one step backwards process.
  • Review – Reviewing things along the way allows the benefits of therapy to endure.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

I primarily work from a psychodynamic perspective. This approach allows us to come to understand the difficulties that you’re bringing with a growing insight and awareness into how they came to be, within the context of the past. The psychodynamic approach also explores the ways that the issues you bring are playing out within the therapeutic process itself. In a session I will be actively engaging with you to notice your emotions as they arise and how you are responding to them. This gives the therapy immediacy and dynamism.

I also offer Sandplay therapy; a non-verbal approach grounded in Jungian theory. The process is creative and offers a window into the unconscious mind and its influences on our intentions and behaviours.


About Me

I began private practice in psychotherapy in 2018 in Australia, where I did my original training. Currently I have a private practice both in Ngaio and the city and also see clients at the Wellington Women’s Health Collective. I have experience working with a variety women’s issues and also, because of my 20 -year history working as a homeopath, have maintained a lasting interest in holistic health. I maintain a supervisory and educational role in the holistic health industry both here and in Australia.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provsional Member of the NZ Association of Psychotherapists (ProvMNZAP)

Q Qualifications

- Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Australia)
- Bachelor of Science (Hons, Psychology, UK)
- Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy (UK)

Q Appointments

- Ngaio: Monday and Tuesday
- CBD: Friday

Q Fees

- Fees are available on request.
- payment can be made by cash or online banking