Insight Focused Neurotherapy | IFnT 28th and 29th October. An In-Person Course!

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Join us for an engaging seminar hosted by Insight International, designed to provide a deep dive into the intersection of psychology and cutting-edge neuroscience. This immersive experience spread across several in-person modules, will lead you on a journey to understand the potential for transformation within the human brain. IFnT integrates evidence-based practices such as mindfulness, focused attention, and the science of Flow into a gentle therapeutic process. Prepare to uncover the fascinating aspects of the brain’s capacity for change and discover how to apply these insights in your psychological practice.

The IFnT Experience: Immerse yourself in the practical application of the principles within IFnT. Understand how focused attention and intentional practices initiate powerful change and personal transformation as new insights emerge and neurogenesis takes place.

The Science of Change: Multidisciplinary Wisdom: IFnT integrates insights from diverse scientific domains, including interpersonal neurobiology, neuroscience, epigenetics, bio-cellular research, quantum studies, and longevity research. It draws from the science of Attachment, Coherence, Developmental, and Polyvagal Theories, incorporating contributions of luminaries such as Siegel, van der Kolk, Lipton and others; weaving a comprehensive framework of thought and action from these experts.

This course is Ideal for professionals wanting to upskill in integrative practices; those looking for personal change, or those hoping to improve performance or upskill to cope in a frantic world.

Whether you’re a therapist, a scientist, or an individual embarking on a quest for personal growth, IFnT provides an extensive roadmap for a transformational journey.

Join us on this journey by contacting us at [email protected] or visiting the Insight website¬†


Initial Module Dates: 28th and 29th October 2023

Fee: $425. (Certificate for 12 hours of professional development available).

Location: The Brick Barn, Grey Lynn, Auckland.



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