Juanine Lim

Counsellor And Therapist


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I’m an experienced therapist, who is culturally informed and acknowledges New Zealand lineage, Whakapapa. We all come from somewhere and this place helps guide and give us identity and self awareness. Finding a place of belonging and meaning is an important focus in my work. I am warm and empathetic and have always held space and time for those around me.


Areas of Specialist interest

In my practice I utilize evidence based practices such as Cognitive Behaviour therapy, CBT, Solution Focused Brief therapy, Trauma informed Care, and The Bader-Pearson Model for couples therapy. I enjoy my time working with young children and adolescents. Utilizing my skills in Child-centered Play therapy, Art therapy and CBT.

Cognitive behavioral approach focuses on the internal, cognitive processes that lead a person to act in a particular way. Working on issues such as the encoding, consolidation and retrieval of memories, emotions, perception, problem-solving and language.

CBT is such a powerful working tool, that I am passionate about sharing with you as we journey together exploring thought patterns and processes. As easy as ABC. Empowering you to make active decisions about your thoughts, behaviours and facilitating transformational change. Change is truly possible and with step by step support and guidance you will soon see a new way into the future.


Back Ground and Experience

I have worked as a Trauma and Crisis counsellor at Family Action, and more recently worked as a Child and Youth therapist at Home and Family. My experience working with people in the midst of crises allow me to work from a Trauma Informed position bringing deeper understanding to the impacts that ‘real life’ situations have. More importantly how ‘grounding, finding meaning again, and rising above’ is at the core of what I believe in. “People are resilient beyond understanding.”


What you will gain from your sessions:

  • Greater sense of self-awareness: the ability to truly know and understand who you are and how you are wired and why your this way.
  • Become capable of processing your thought patterns using the ABC model. The ABC model is a CBT tool which will become a vehicle for amazing new thought patterns to develop, allowing you to tackle irrational thoughts.
  • Find your ZEN as you learn new Self-regulation tools. Finding the right tools to help you better understand your emotions and emotional needs. Allowing you to feel balanced and in control.
  • Communicate your emotions and feelings like a BOSS. Yes, once you have graduated from the above mentioned skills, you will be able to understand yourself and this changes our language, vocab and delivery. This then allows you to listen and understand what messages you are receiving. Then making informed decisions on how you choose to respond.
  • Journey toward healing and empowerment. Learning to step into the place of vulnerability and acceptance. Knowing that it is ok to be where you are and that moving towards healing is a growth step in itself. Gaining more knowledge and understanding of how you heal. Self empowerment stems form this deeper place of knowing how you hurt, how you heal?
  • Building Confidence. Learning to build on your concepts of self, and tackling the negative self-concepts. Enhancing your level of self-esteem and self-efficacy. Developing confidence in the ability to exert control over one’s own motivation, behaviour, and social environment.
  • Anchoring and stabilizing Relational Ruptures. Working together to understand your relationship issues and how to resolve and work through challenging seasons. Gaining perspective on each other and how each persons ‘role’ affects the whole.


Q Qualifications

Triple major undergrad: B.Psych, Anthropology, and English Litt
- MA Counselling Psychology
- Child-Centered Play Therapy NZ
- The Bader-Pearson Developmental Model- Couples Therapy
- Trauma-informed care
- Safe and Together Model- Safe and Together Institute

Q Fees

- All session Include GST

- Individual Therapy* - $130 (1hour)
- Child and Youth Therapy* - $130 (50min)
- Couples Therapy - $190* - (1hour)
- Professional Supervision - $130 (1hour)

Q Appointments

- Mondays (Available slots)
- Tuesdays ( Available slots)
- Wednesday (Available slots)

Q Cancellations

- Please notify Juanine if you are unable to make your session 48 hour prior to the session time, should you not you will be requested to pay full session.