Karolle Gjaltema

Clinical Psychologist


I work with clients who present with depression, anxiety, life crises and other psychological difficulties. I provide psychotherapy using a range of methods that enable greater self awareness, clarity, acceptance, integration, and resolution of symptoms.


Why People Come and See Me

People see me for a wide range of reasons. Some people are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious. Others see me because they feel flat or unmotivated, or they may not understand why their lives are unfolding in the way they are.

People come in when they are struggling to deal with major losses, changes and life crises. Others come when they recognise unresolved traumas are impacting on them negatively.

People come to gain a greater understanding of themselves, what they feel and how they act. Sometimes it is to figure out what makes them behave the way they do in their relationships. Some clients realise they are unconsciously limiting themselves or see patterns in their lives that don’t work for them, but they seem unable to change.

Some people come to learn new strategies to cope with their lives.


How Long Will it Take

The first time I meet with you, I will gather information as to what is happening in your life that has brought you to see me, and background information. It is a chance for me to get to know you and answer any questions you might have. This is also an opportunity for you to get a sense of whether you feel comfortable with me, and whether we can work effectively together.

People often report that they gained a lot from the first session.

How long you decide to come is up to you. I usually suggest a review of progress after a few sessions.

Some people come for a few sessions, others for long term therapy. It depends on what your needs are and the outcomes you want.


About Karolle

I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience working with clients. I have worked at Auckland District Health Board, Department of Corrections and Auckland University Counselling Service. For the last 17 years I have been in Private Practice in Auckland and Whangarei. I am now based in central Nelson.

I have a 1st Class Masters in Applied Psychology and a Post Masters Diploma in Clinical Psychology (Massey University 1989).

I have a holistic approach to wellness which involves mind, body and spirit, as they are inextricably linked, and these values have always been important to me. I feel passionate about facilitating wellness for people and seeing them flourish in their lives.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Clinical Psychologist
- Member New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists (MNZCCP)
- ACC Registered ACC Sensitive Claims
- ACC Registered Physical Injury (when a person is having psychological difficulties related to physical rehabilitation)

Q Qualifications

- Masters in Applied Psychology (!st Class Honours)
- Post Masters Diploma in Clinical Psychology (Massey University 1989)

Q Client Feedback

"You have a very committed counsellor, able to seek the core issues and suggest concrete methods to deal with the residue of these issues. I found her sessions valuable and rewarding. Although initially very sceptical, my view of counselling has changed"

"First time I have used this service and would certainly see this psychologist if I needed to. She was so friendly and yet professional, easy to talk with and was able to facilitate me seeing issues with more clarity and focus. Thank you so much Karolle!"

"Very helpful during a very difficult time. Now I am enthusiastic about the future".

"I came to you as one of those patients most people would refuse to see. Too many problems, too hard, too complex. Child abuse, rape, marital abuse, abuse in hospital. Abuse upon abuse upon abuse. But you did not see the problems - you saw a person. You saw through all the problems to a person who was infinitely valuable. You carried the hope for me when I had none. From day 1, you treated me as an equal...you cared about what mattered to me. You were always professional."

"I can now accept and continue living...I have let go and truly believe in myself.... thank you so much for enabling and empowering me...I love the "new me"..

Q What will it cost

- One hour appointments are $150.00 (inclusive of gst) for the first 10 sessions.* Rates for longer term therapy may be negotiable. 90 minute appointments $200.00 (gst incl).

- People can contact me directly or get a referral through a doctor or specialist.

- I am also an Employee Assistance Program provider for a number of workplaces - three or more sessions funded by workplaces.

I am a provider for ACC Sensitive Claims as well as Physical Injury (when a person is having psychological difficulties related to physical rehabilitation).