Kōwhai Therapeutic Services

Te ura o te Kōwhai - The glow of the Kōwhai

Hello, at Kōwhai Therapeutic Services, we currently have two full-time counsellors, Sam and Steph, who are extremely passionate about mental health and helping others grow. Between the two of them, they have over 30 years of experience in mental health education, psychology and counselling. Both counsellors are registered with NZAC

At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services we have a pluralistic approach to supporting our clients. We use a combination of solution-focused and strength-based strategies to help our clients to manage their emotions, thoughts, actions and goal achievement. In our counselling and coaching sessions, we use a client-centred approach whereby we collaborate with clients to discover what is best suited for their needs. We consider our clients to be the experts in their lives, and we facilitate the clients to reach their desired outcomes.

We shape our sessions to have a culturally responsive approach, believing that counselling and coaching are more effective when the therapists consider the cultures you identify with and how they shape your beliefs and worldview.


Sometimes all we need is for someone to hear us. Kōwhai Therapeutic Services is here to listen to you!

Reaching out for help when you need it takes tremendous courage. Investing in your well-being is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself and your relationships. At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services, we use an integrative approach to counselling that involves blending techniques from different therapeutic approaches, allowing our counsellors to tailor the therapy to meet your individual needs.


Q How much is a counselling session?

- At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services we offer individual counselling sessions for $150 and couples counselling for $175 both are inclusive of GST.
- We are not currently registered to accept ACC clients but please check back in the near future.
- We also run special offers during the year so please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Q How can I prepare for the first session?

What do you hope to gain from therapy? What aspects of your life would you like to change? Do you require assistance in coping with anxiety or trauma, or do you require assistance in navigating a challenging life situation? When it comes time to discuss these difficulties with the therapist, the more explicit you are about what you want and need, the better off you will be.

If it helps, write everything down. Writing helps many people think more clearly about abstract matters, and the clearer you are in your own mind, the easier it will be to communicate with the therapist.

Making a list of the specific topics and circumstances you want to discuss is another great strategy to prepare for your first session. This could include any present issues you're dealing with and how they're affecting you, as well as any life events that have contributed to them.

Don't be concerned that certain items are too insignificant to add. It's crucial if it feels meaningful to you! Again, writing everything down can assist you in determining what is most important to you. It's also easy to make sure you don't forget anything important if you bring your notes to your first meeting.

Finally, write down a list of questions you'd like to ask your potential therapist. For example, you might want to enquire about their education and training, as well as whether or not they've worked with other clients who have issues similar to yours and what types of therapeutic strategies they employ.

Therapy is about you and what you want and need, and a therapist is there to assist you in achieving your goals. They'll provide you a lot of direction for how your future sessions should go, but it's ultimately up to you to make sure you communicate your needs.

Q What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. This will allow our counsellors to fill your sessions with clients who are also in need of support.

Q Qualifications & Memberships

Sam’s qualifications include:
- Bachelors in Psychology and Counselling (Hons).
- Postgraduate Certificate of Education
- Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
- Provisional Member, Registered with NZ Association of Counsellors (NZAC)

Steph’s qualifications include:
- Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience
- Masters of Teacher and Learning (Distinction)
- Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health
- Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
- Papa Reo NZ Certificate in Te Reo Level 1
- Provisional Member, Registered with NZ Association of Counsellors (NZAC)