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Kia Ora  & Welcome to Together Counselling.

We all want more from our relationships than just meeting each other’s basic needs: we seek connection, support and personal growth.

Relationships are at the heart of our existence. Being in a joyful relationship makes our life more radiant, and has a strong positive correlation with good mental and physical health. Partnership offers a secure base, a place where we feel loved and cared for.

Navigating our complex world can burden our relationships with stress and hurt, and it can be a struggle to undertake and resolve these challenges together. Since we all hope for a fulfilling relationship, we can feel powerless and despondent if our daily experience is far from our true desire. As you read this, you might be feeling the pain and loneliness of a troubled relationship. You might be wondering: ‘Is there an easier way to do relationships?’ or ‘What am I doing wrong?”

Working Together

Luckily, there are many ways and tools that can help us to grow and transform our relationships.

​Couples counselling can be an effective and powerful way to work towards:

  • effectively communicating, so that you and your partner feel heard and seen
  • being equipped to hold difficult conversations and reduce conflict
  • recovering and rising from a major relationship breakdown
  • rediscovering the joy you shared with your partner

If you are wondering whether your relationship could benefit from couples counselling or another relationship work, you can find more further information here

​About me

I am a counsellor, lifelong learner, mother, partner. I am deeply intrigued by human connection, the fascinating capacity of our brain and how that plays out everywhere from the dinner table to the bedroom.

I am passionate about helping couples to be present with one another, walk through their challenges with courage and find joy in the change they create.  I am committed to helping you to grow the relationship you desire, utilizing my skills, knowledge and years of experience in counselling.

What to Expect While Working with Me

Let’s start to grow and transform your relationship together. Here are some examples of issues and tasks I can help couples with. 

  • Restore and deepen your connection. Increase and expand your understanding of yourself, your partner and the connection between you.
  • Understand existing patterns and processes in your relationship. Where do you get stuck and what to do instead? How our past experiences and attachment shape us and our relationships.
  • Manage difficult conversations skilfully. Increase your resilience and learn how to have difficult conversations without them turning into a fight. Understand and learn to manage your triggers effectively.
  • Boost your Emotional Regulation. Create greater awareness of your emotions, the foundation couples need to connect effectively. Find non-destructive ways of handling anxiety, anger and fear.
  • Effective communication. Learn communication that nurtures love and connection and what to avoid. Why safety is crucial in the relationship and how to restore it.
  • Healing relationships ruptures. Loss of trust, affairs, lack of commitment. I offer you a journey of healing and building a future that works for you.
  • Learn the fundamental principles of successful relationships. Gain a greater understanding of relationships, how they really work and what trully makes them successful.

I aim to gently guide you towards creating a more conscious and intentional relationship – the state in which we tend to experience the most alive and joyful connection with each other.

To learn more about my practice or to start working with me, please visit my website

Range of Relationship Services

Perhaps you are looking for other relationship support than couples counselling.  I offer a wide range of relationship services including:

  • Separation/break-up counselling
  • Discernment counselling
  • Affairs/infidelity recovery counselling
  • Individual relational counselling
  • Intensive counselling sessions

You will find detailed descriptions of my services on my website

I am looking forward to hearing from you and starting our work together.

*********       I AM CURRENTLY WELCOMING NEW CLIENTS       *********


Q Qualifications and Membeships

- Master of Psychology
- Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
- Member, Registered with NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
- Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (CIRT)
- Certified in The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy
- Trained in specialist relationship counselling approaches – Imago, Gottman, Developmental Model and other modalities Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Q Appointments

- I offer in person sessions in Henderson or online (zoom) anywhere in New Zealand (or elsewhere). It's easy to book through the online booking on my website

- Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11.00 - 3.45
- Thursday 9.30 - 3.45
- Some weekends appointment available

Q Fees

- Couple Session: $290 (90min) GST Incl
- Individual Session: $175 (60min) GST Incl
- Relationship Intensive Session: $1300 (6.5 hours)* GST Incl

- I am contracting to EAP Raise, you may be eligible for 3 or more free sessions if your employer has contract with EAP Raise or you are a Southern Cross insurance member .

- Accepted payments online or cash.

Q Cancellations

Preferably 48h in advance or earlier. If your session is cancelled with less than 24h notice from the appointment start time, full charge will apply.

Q Relationship Intensive Session

Relationship Intensive Session can be a highly effective way to address your situation faster than week by week counselling. These are not suitable for all couples – please contact me to discuss if the Intensive Session is the best choice for you. The Intensive Session are held on Sat/ Sun in Glen Eden.