Malik McCann



Sometimes we find ourselves in distress and feel lost as to how to move forward. My intention in therapy is to work with you to make sense of your particular struggle, to understand what it is that is keeping you stuck, and to help foster change through insight, self-acceptance and understanding.


I work with adults 18 years plus with issues of:

  • emotional regulation
  • dealing with loss
  • grief
  • depression
  • addiction
  • cross cultural issues
  • isolation
  • trauma
  • relationships
  • a sense of emptiness
  • low self worth


Counselling/Therapy Services

Life inevitably gets rocky for us all at times. Therapy helps us identify how we can become more of an ally to ourselves so we can better navigate life’s challenges.

Our suffering can be a result of difficult life events, a specific issue we are struggling with, or a general ongoing sense of dissatisfaction or unhappiness. Whether this distress is related to our relationship with ourselves or our relationship with others, I believe it is signalling that something needs attention.

Therapy is a courageous journey into the depths of yourself to find more clarity and meaning. As a therapist I take this journey beside you to understand your unique life story. I work with you towards a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and the beliefs and patterns that lie outside of your conscious awareness, shedding those that no longer serve you and fostering ways that do.

Outcomes of therapy can include an easing of suffering, more clarity and purpose, healthier relationships, increased ability to maintain inner equilibrium, resilience, presence and enjoyment in life.

I welcome people of all ages, cultures and genders.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

  • I have a client centred approach and offer a respectful, safe and non-judgemental environment for short term or long term therapy.
  • Being trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, I’m particularly interested in how our early life experiences shape our way of relating in the world and with ourselves.
  • Through our therapy relationship your relational dynamics are able to be experienced, considered and talked about in a different way to everyday life.
  • I also use DBT to resource clients with skills to manage emotional regulation and equilibrium and to be more present to ourselves.
  • I am committed to bi-cultural practice and believe in the importance of the consideration of cultural and societal context within which you live.


Background and Experience

My experience as a psychotherapist includes working in the AUT psychotherapy clinic as a trainee and two years of placement and locum work at a residential addiction rehabilitation programme doing both individual therapy and group work.

I am currently completing a Masters in Psychotherapy at AUT, clinical training completed, currently working on dissertation.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Psychotherapist
- Provisional Member of the NZ Association of Psychotherapists (ProvMNZAP)
- Practitioner Member of the Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association of Aotearoa-New Zealand (DAPAANZ)

Q Qualifications

- Graduate Diploma of Psychotherapy
- Bachelor of Business- Marketing
- NZ Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

Q Appointments

- Monday to Friday between 9am - 5.30pm

Q Fees

- Fee’s $130 (50 min session) negotiable.
- I can help with WINZ counselling subsidies for those with community services cards