Miles Briggs

Counsellor, Family Therapist & Supervisor

Hi there, my name is Miles Briggs and I have been working as a counsellor and therapist since 1993. I have worked in private practice all this time and also for a family therapy agency for a total of twelve years. I am very experienced with most issues.

My three specialities are:

  • working with anxiety and depression
  • working with couples
  • working with issues that particularly effect men

Counselling Services

Most people when they arrive at their first session ever of counselling are nervous and stressed. I like to learn about your problems or issues but to also find a way to connect with your nerves. Managing anxiety and stress makes a huge difference to how you are in the session but more importantly how you are in the real world. Many people use substances or distracting behaviours to cope with this but these often come with a cost to us and our families. I am used to dealing with intense emotions and will encourage the expression of these if this has been missing, I will always be interested in how you were brought up and with whom.

Counselling Approach

As well as a lot of training in counselling techniques I am a practical guy by nature and have developed a series of exercises for each of my three areas of expertise above. I generally make a good first impression on clients and like to use the first session not only as a ‘get to know’ session but to begin work right away. This usually happens by me setting up some home exercises with you to do before the next session. I like to get feedback from my clients at the beginning of the second session and am always encouraging more. This helps us tailor-make the sessions to fit you. Experience has taught me that while we can do fantastic work together in our sessions, it is at home where real change happens.

Background and Experience

As mentioned above I have huge experience with a diverse range of clients with an equally diverse range of challenges.

I am regularly supervised in my work by a clinical psychologist.

Supervision Services

I have been supervising other counsellors and students of counselling since 1995 and have also worked with other groups such as social workers and nurses.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
- Registered Victim Support Counsellor

Q Qualifications

Diploma of Counselling
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Business

Q Location

19 Queensway, Three Kings, Auckland 1024

I work from my house and access is easy with car parking outside and a bus stop one block away on Mt Eden Rd. One of the best bus services in Auckland If you Google my address you will see the location immediately.

Q Appointments

I am available Monday to Friday 9:00am - 8:30pm.

Q Fees

I have a sliding scale according to your ability to pay $150 - $110.
WINZ do offer support for some through the disability allowance. Some employers also belong to EAP schemes and will offer some short term work free. I sometimes do this work as well.

Q Payment Options

Most people pay by internet banking.