Nationwide Contracting Opportunities

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Nationwide Contracting Opportunities with The Nelson Clinic.

We are seeking qualified and experienced providers from throughout New Zealand to join us in providing assessment, treatment, and intervention to clients on ACC contracts.

Our team includes psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, art therapists and social workers. We value developing a sense of connection and support within our team and thus offer peer supervision and opportunities for inter-disciplinary discussion and continued professional development.

We specialize in mental health challenges across diverse contexts, including:

  • ACC Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC)
  • ACC Psychological Services (PSA)
  • ACC Neuropsychological Services (NASA)
  • ACC Clinical Psychiatric Services (CPSA)
  • ACC Impairment Assessment Services (IMPA)
  • Insurance Sector Services
  • Medico-Legal Services
  • Private Pay Services

We offer:

  • A flexible and supportive working environment
  • Comprehensive administrative support
  • Monthly clinical peer supervision
  • Organisational induction and a range of resources and tools to assist in streamlining clinical work
  • Full training and access to our custom-developed client management system
  • Contract pay rate – 90% of billed services
  • Weekly payments
  • Assistance in becoming registered with ACC


  • Current APC
  • NZ registration with the NZ Psychology Board
  • Membership with the relevant professional board/association – NZCCP or NZPS (ICP)
  • Indemnity Insurance

Please contact us via our website