Phil Walker

Counselling and Therapy in East Auckland and online

I am a passionate Senior Counsellor and have been practicing since 2008 and in my own business since 2010.  I love to help people to build sustainable foundations in their own life then to build their best possible relationships with others.

I offer sessions in person at Highland Park in Auckland and online via zoom.  I work with individuals and couples.  Individual first time sessions are 150 NZD and first time couples sessions are 160 NZD.  After this first session we look at packages of 5 or 10 sessions commonly to best help you to work towards your goals and to do your necessary healing.

I also have a digital program which can be done independently or with sessions.  I have attached the promotional video for this.  This is $575 for lifetime access plus 3 Counselling session.  Easy pay option available.  


Q What types of counselling services do you offer?

I work with individuals and couples and am an integrative counsellor. I have a foundation in person centred therapy where I can create an empathic space for you to just be and express yourselves so together we find empowering answers. On top of this I am able to use my hatful of tools and learnings to best support you. We can look at your different communication styles and what will be best for you moving forward. We can also bring out any pain which is currently occuring from the past. Anxiety and depression are commonly part of things at the start and we can work together to mitigate this. In couples work we look to what issues there may be and communication to find better outcomes. In individual work we do needed healing work then ultimately anchor into your own respective heroes journey to help you to get into the drivers seat of your own life.

Q How do I know if I need Counselling ?

People commonly come to Counselling from just a feeling that things aren't quite right. If you are thinking that Counselling may be helpful for you then I would say the likelihood is that it would actually be helpful as there must be a difference from where you are now to where you feel you could be. An initial session allows us to bring out where you are at and give some helpful definitions then we can create a plan of healing combined with a working towards goals.

Q What can I expect in my first session?

For first sessions we have 55 minutes of Counselling then at the end have a following 10 minutes where we can discuss best ways forward. I will send you a first client sheet before the session so I get some idea of you before the session. By breaking this all down in the first session we can ultimately make a suitable plan for you.

Q How is confidentiality handled in your practice?

Everything is confidential unless I believe you are in immediate danger to yourself or to other people. In these cases I would do my best still to tell you first but in more extreme situations would not do this. I speak to a supervisor every two weeks as part of following the New Zealand Association of Counsellor guidelines but you are not mentioned by name in these sessions.

Q Do you offer anything other than the Counselling sessions ?

I have a digital program which people sometimes like to do individually or in conjunction with Counselling sessions. This program teaches building foundations in your own life which you are able to track by work sheets. It also teaches communication styles and building the best possible relationships as well as tools to create your new life as well as possible.

Q What are my professional registrations?

- Provisional Member, Registered with NZA Association of Counsellors (NZAC)