Rob Deerheart

Deerheart Counselling


Sometimes the outside can get too much and is hard to navigate. Sometimes the inside gets really overwhelming and it becomes hard to operate. Rob is passionate about supporting people to find their way though these times, he will help you understand where you are, see different perspectives, and find practical solutions that will initially help cope and then begin to move forward again.


He can help you with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • phobias
  • relationship and family issues
  • life changes
  • bullying
  • trauma
  • grief
  • identity
  • obsessive behaviours
  • conflict resolution
  • career
  • purpose
  • problem solving
  • stress management
  • direction


Counselling Services

There is a lot of research pointing towards the quality of connection with a counsellor being very influential in manifesting positive outcomes. Thus Rob will focus on building a relationship to create a container to do the work. Rob will endeavour to help you feel comfortable, listen carefully, understand what you are wanting, let you set your own pace and help you feel relaxed enough to be able to express. Then Rob will focus on helping you understand, face, accept, manage and solve the conundrum you want help with. Rob will negotiate the direction, speed, and method of our work together.

Rob brings elements of warmth, intuition, kindness, perception, intelligence, sensitivity, strength, groundedness, presence, respectfulness and heart focus.


He has several ways of working:

  • Solution Focussed helps you look at your strengths and really create a vision of how it could be and find ways of moving towards it.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is really good for helping shift anxiety and depression like symptoms.
  • Mindfulness helps with the acceptance of the moment which in itself can empower you to make new choices and find ways of coping with negative emotions or sensations.
  • Narrative therapy  aids understanding the story we have created about our life and allows new meanings to emerge.
  • Rogerian Therapy helps you see and make sense of how you are feeling.
  • Existential Therapy is useful for finding the why, discovering meaning and creating purpose.
  • Parts Therapy is a great model to see and understand ourselves as parts, this allows us to create relationship with the bits of us that have got out of control and the parts that are still buried and frozen underneath, and in time unburden them. Freeing them and creating more peace within.


About Me

Rob is originally from the East Midlands and has been in Aotearoa for 20 years. He lives in Palmerston North and has offices in Wellington and Palmy.

He is married, with 3 kids and a cat. He spent over 5 years working in Primary Care working with referrals from GPs using strength and brief therapy models. He has 3 years experience in private practice doing longer term work. Rob has worked with a vast range of issues and a wide portion of our society.

He is passionate about personal evolution and has been on his own journey for over 25 years. Before counselling Rob spent 10 years running Mens’ groups, facilitating rites of passage work and personal development workshops including rites of passage facilitating. His connection to the Wairua is important to him and in his spare time he is currently occupied with building a garden, running, and building Lego.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Counselling
- Post Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
- Bachelor of Science (Physics)