Sarah Zimmerman

Focus Counselling


Focus counselling is about supporting you to focus on what’s happening, and to discover what will help. Paying compassionate and curious attention to your inner world without judgement, reveals pathways through suffering, and often brings its own innate healing.


I offer support with:

  • work stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • perfectionism
  • spirituality – particularly for those raised in a faith they’re having difficulty reconciling themselves with now
  • addiction issues


Counselling Services

Perhaps you need support to untangle what is causing you stress or pain; to transcend the daily ‘noise’ and pay attention to what’s really happening.

Like seeds planted in the ground, all people have an innate drive to grow and fulfil their potential. My job is to help you to recognise and navigate obstacles to this natural drive, so that you can continue to grow and develop freely. Together we can choose tools that feel right for you to build a path to a healthy, connected and ‘right’ life.

In the counselling relationship, you are the expert on yourself, and only you can say what feels right for you. Our first conversation will be about what you want to get out of counselling, and how we might work together to achieve that. I can structure and focus our time together, gently guiding you to listen and notice what is going on for you, and to help you to spot and follow the solutions already within you as they come to light.


Counselling Approach

I utilise ‘person-centred counselling’; an approach forms the foundation for most ‘talking therapies’ today. The approach aligns strongly with my personal values, and works from a set of basic principles rather than fixed techniques.

These principles include:

  • being real, authentic and honest with you, and seeking to understand what it is like to stand in your shoes.
  • valuing you for who you are. You are ok as yourself, whatever space you’re in.

I tie in tools from other modalities where that is helpful, such as CBT, internal parts work, and others. Our work is to collaborate to help you meet your goals.


Background and Experience

I studied counselling at the University of Auckland, and I have particular experience working with clients to make behaviour changes around substance use.

I have undergone my own personal counselling throughout my life; I return to this as needed, to ensure I am ‘right’ enough with myself to be of service to my clients.

I am interested in helping others to make sense of their religious heritages and to navigate spiritual confusion. Developing into my own spirituality is an ongoing journey for me.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Art History

Q Fees

- Sessions are $110/hr.
- I am registered with WINZ - you may qualify for subsidised rates.