Scarlett Jones


Counselling can be a great place to come and hold things up to the light and gain insight, understanding and wisdom

Areas of Special Interest

  • Emotional regulation 
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Trauma
  • Exploring how the past has influenced the present and adapting that which no longer serves us
  • Mind-body connection and nervous system
  • Self compassion, relationship with self, self care

Counselling Services

We all come to counselling for different reasons. It might be for additional support during times of increased stress levels, uncertainty about how to get through challenges or to begin to explore trauma. Sometimes life feels like a lot and we simply need someone to talk to in a safe and confidential space. I believe that counselling has the potential to empower us and equip us to grow. It can help us not only to get through, but to get better at getting through – and enjoying life more!

Many people are surprised by how powerful simple techniques are for identifying emotions and patterns of  behaviour in themselves and others, changing relationship dynamics or creating an empowering sense of calm and safety in their bodies.

Counselling Approach

I use multiple modalities in my collaborative work with clients, addressing what they are feeling, the origins of big emotions and to assist in identifying what they are needing. We explore together what is working well, what is no longer serving them and what’s needed to help them move forward.

I tailor the therapeutic work to each client and involve the client in each stage of counselling process. It is very important that the client feels safe with myself, what we discuss and the speed at which we work. 

Background and Experience

My experience has been working with women of all ages to navigate a variety of issues, develop self awareness, build resilience and support the development of tools, techniques and knowledge to empower.

My background positions include counselling roles at The Wellington Women’s Health Collective and the Lower Hutt Women’s Centre. I am currently only seeing clients through my private practice.

I look forward to connecting with you.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Counselling

Q Appointments

-In person on The Terrace Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
-Online and phone sessions available Tuesday-Friday

Q Fees

- $130 per hour session.
- Payment can be made by online banking on the day of session, or within twenty four hours.