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What is counselling?

In a counselling session, you can explore and discuss any problems you are experiencing.

Some people may not be too clear on what is causing their distress or feelings of stuckness, whereas others may have more clarity, but find it difficult to resolve and move forward.

Once the problem/s are clearly understood, you will be supported to explore further and decide what is important for you to focus on and the outcomes you are wanting to achieve. Your counsellor will work alongside you to facilitate you finding your answers and the best ways for you to move forward.

​If the issue is out of the scope of counselling, your counsellor will work with you to find an appropriate specialist or service.


Benefits of counselling

For some people, having a trusted listener, being able to talk without being judged or told what to feel or do and be heard, can be healing and helpful.

Talking with a counsellor may assist you to develop insight, understanding or clarity that opens up new perspectives in the way you approach an issue. New awareness can lead to changes that result in the outcomes you are aiming for.

Strengths and previous capabilities can feel lost or buried during times of confusion and anxiety. Counselling can help to uncover and ignite those personal resources again firing up your lost mojo.


Issues to bring to counselling

People come to counselling for a variety of reasons such as:

​anxiety, stress, depression, grief & loss, relationship issues, sadness, communication difficulties, generalised feelings of unhappiness, trauma, domestic violence, low self esteem, lack of confidence as some examples.

Often it might feel there is nothing specific, instead different pressures such as:

  • managing work loads
  • finances
  • living arrangements
  • ill health


How your counsellor works with you

The relationship between a counsellor and a client is a therapeutic one.

At all times your counsellor will provide you with a caring, non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment to work through the counselling process. You will be listened to, heard and accepted.

Your counsellor may ask you questions to gain clarity around specific issues for their understanding but also, so you can understand what they mean to you and the impact on you.

You will be respected and encouraged to work towards positive outcomes that will enhance your wellbeing.


Your Therapists


Areas of special interest: Anxiety, depression, relationships, grief, domestic violence, managing anger, supporting those with a loved one with dementia or alzheimers.

Maria has a passion for emotional and mental wellness and desires to support others in becoming their true and authentic selves. Prior to becoming a counsellor, Maria worked in corporate banking, education, commercial real estate and the security industry . Maria has been a counselling studies tutor and facilitated groups in agencies dealing with domestic violence. Maria can work bi-culturally and has counselled many clients of different ethnicities. She holds each client with empathy, care and respect for where they are at and will work at your pace. Maria is a person centered counsellor and uses a number of modalities in the therapeutic process to support her clients in the struggles they are experiencing.

  • Birkenhead – Mon & Tues, alternate Fridays
  • Auckland City – Wed & Thurs, alternate Fridays
  • phone 027 421 1114 or send an email using the enquiry form


Areas of special interest: Anxiety, depression, relationships, grief, infertility,

Linda is passionately interested and curious about her clients and she acknowledges the courage it so often takes to come to counselling. Prior to being a private counsellor, Linda worked in business sales and administrative roles for the Auckland DHB. Alongside private practice, Linda has worked as a counselling studies tutor and supported individuals and families at hospice. She offers a professional, safe and confidential environment to focus on empowering you to achieve your goals, Linda truly loves to listen and hear your story with respect and without judgement. Linda will work alongside you to identify your existing strengths and resources, help you learn new skills that you can use to make positive changes in your life going forward.

  • Birkenhead – Wed & Thurs, alternate Fridays
  • Auckland City – Mon & Tues, alternate Fridays
  • phone 027 471 9219 or send an email using the enquiry form



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Members of the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

Q Session Fees

- Individual session - $140
- Couple Session - $190

Q Cancellation Policy

24 hours cancellation is required. If notice is not received, the session fee is payable in full.

Q Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is kept as the highest priority. What is spoken about in the session is private between the counsellor and the client.

Note: The exception to confidentiality is if the safety of the client or others becomes apparent, your counsellor is bound by the professional code of ethical practice to engage with other agencies to support the wellbeing of those involved.