Sue Harris

Registered Psychotherapist & Counsellor


Kia ora. My name is Sue Harris. Am Canuck-Kiwi. Been in Tauranga Moana for 25 years and now live in Te Tai Tokerau, Northland. Hobbies: wildlife photography – land and under the sea, freediving, my dog, community issues/projects, enjoy cooking and being travel guide for friends and family.


Areas of Special Interest

  • Trauma – family violence, childhood abuse
  • Family dysfunctional patterns and impact on one’s development – ie self-concept, developing and maintaining relationships – work, friends, family, partners, children
  • Sexuality issues
  • Identity


Counselling/Therapy Services

Knowing that you are not ok, not happy, troubled, lonely, confused, maybe depressed, and want to feel better is the first step. It is a brave act to seek outside help from yes a stranger, even though a qualified one!

Our work together is one of joint exploration and of trying to find out what is really going on – it is not just symptom relief of a problem.

I see the outcomes as building developing resilience – can cope with life’s challenges – with more effective coping strategies, more effective genuine communication, stronger reliable relationships, often better self-care.

Often we are afraid of our emotions, or are ruled by them or don’t understand them. Therapy can assist in developing emotional tolerance/capacity and for some people they need help to dial these down so this needs more of a thinking/reflecting approach.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

The therapeutic relationship is central to how I work with clients whether our work is short term or longer term – the building of trust, of being truly heard, of revealing oneself to another and to oneself. The interactions between myself and a client often mirrors/represents their relationship difficulties but also reveals deeper less “conscious” information that is often more understood after the session.

  • What has brought you to therapy at this time? Why now?
  • What are patterns, coping methods that use to try and manage your difficulty?
  • What has contributed to your present situation?
  • What are you strengths, your anchors?

I work from an existential-psychodynamic base.


Background and Experience

Twenty five years as a self-employed psychotherapist within a group practice – private clients, contracted client work – ie ACC, Victim Support, Family Court, EAP schemes. I work with Maori as well as Pakeha – clients from different cultural backgrounds. I have had and will continue with appropriate cultural supervision for Maori clients.

Have worked with a variety of clients:

  • with various levels of depression, anxiety – ie. OCD, phobias
  • personality disorders – Borderline, schizoid, avoidant
  • clients with complex presentations – ie personality disorders with alcohol, depression, trauma issues
  • clients with relational issues – marital/couple, family, elders, dislocation and alienation
  • workplace bullying, employment issues.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Psychotherapist
- Member of the NZ Association of Psychotherapists (MNZAP)
- ACC Registered Counsellor (for mental injury from physical injury)
- Victim Support Registered Counsellor

Q Qualifications

- Advanced Clinical Practice (New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists)
- Master of Arts in Psychotherapy and Counselling (City University London, UK)
- Bachelor of Arts (General Programme Diploma University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada)
- Bachelor of Social Work (University of British Columbia Canada)

Q Appointments

Currently I have sessions available:
- Online Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
- In-person on Thursdays in Houhora, just 30 minutes drive from Kaitaia.

Q Fees

- My fee for one hour session is $140 (gst inclusive)
- Can counsel clients through various Employee workplace "EAP" schemes (OCP, Instep, Benestar)
- Victim Support counselling is free
- ACC funded counselling for Sexual Abuse and also Mental Injury from Physical Injury
- payment by Bank transfer same day of session please.
- Full fee will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.