Tertia Myers

Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor

Areas of Special Interest

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship difficulties
  • affairs
  • divorce
  • adjustment to unexpected life changes
  • body concerns
  • general unhappiness
  • fears
  • personality difficulties, etc.


Therapy for Individuals

It is my belief that what occurs in our childhood can affect us for the remainder of our lives. This can be be worked through when we choose to face this with a therapist who can guide you through this process. This does not imply blaming everyone else for our current difficulties. It means facing the losses and disappointments and choosing to move on from these through the process of therapy. Through a supportive relationship with me as your therapist, even deep wounds of early childhood can heal and you can live life more fully. Although this is not always an easy road, the benefits of doing this are truly “life-changing”. You will find that you can let go of guilt, anger, hurt and pain.


Couple Therapy

Couple work is dynamic and constantly evolving. Couple therapy provides a window into how you interact with your partner and allows me, as your therapist, to facilitate you through the process of resolving your relationship concerns. My role is to assist you both to gain insight into your relationship and appreciate your individual contributions. This will help you move towards a more harmonious relationship.


Psychoanalytic Approach

I work from a psychoanalytic perspective. This perspective maintains that our childhood experiences shape the adults that we become. Psychoanalytic therapy is a way of working that allows for shifts to occur through the acceptance and feedback of the therapist. It is a moment-to-moment method of challenging unhelpful ways of interacting, thinking and feeling that hinder us living and relating to our full potential.


About Me

I have been working as a psychologist for 16 years. My experience has been within the hospital and community setting. I have also been in private practice for more than 13 years. My practice focused on individuals with everyday challenges to those with deeper concerns. Some of my clients have encountered various difficulties in their lives and needed help overcoming these, while others find that they are struggling with specific challenges.

Couple therapy has been a passion of mine and I have worked with couples for over ten years. During this time, I worked with couples from different cultural backgrounds and helped couples overcome infidelities, losses, severe conflict, divorce, etc.


Supervision Services

I have been a supervisor for 15 years. My experience and knowledge is mainly in the area of psychoanalytic work. This type of supervision focuses on both the client and the therapist. It acknowledges that the therapist and client co-create the therapy space and all that happens within it. All aspects of the therapeutic relationship are explored and used as a means to think about the client and what is being played out between the client and the therapist. This can be challenging for the therapist to think about, but the value of this way of working and the insights that it provides are invaluable to any therapist who wants to work in a meaningful way with their clients.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Clinical Psychologist
- ACC Registered Counsellor

Q Qualifications

- Master of Arts (Clinical Psychology)
- Certificate in Couple Therapy
- Higher Diploma in Education
- Bachelor of Arts

Q Appointments

At present, I am available from 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays

Q Fees & Payment

- Fees are $150 per individual session. Individual sessions are 50 to 55 minutes in length. Initial assessments for therapy may require longer sessions and the fees may change accordingly.

- Couple sessions are $150 per hour.

- Payment can be made in cash during the session or via direct deposit (internet banking). Banking details will be provided when the appointment is confirmed.