The Bungalow

Psychotherapy and Counselling Centre


Our team of qualified, experienced counsellors and psychotherapists are available to help with a wide range of emotional and psychological issues.


What kinds of things can I come to psychotherapy and counselling for?

Sometimes the issues are common dilemmas or difficulties we all might face, and other times the challenges are of a more particular nature. Psychotherapy and counselling can help you with difficulties in many areas in your life. Some examples are:

  • achieving balance in your life
  • finding meaning and purpose in your life
  • sexual abuse and trauma
  • eating difficulties
  • addictions
  • making lifestyle changes
  • dealing with chronic illness or other health-related issues
  • adoption related issues
  • fertility related issues
  • depression
  • exploring questions of spirituality
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • sexuality and sexual orientation
  • relationship challenges
  • gender issues


About Psychotherapy

There may be many reasons why someone might come to see a psychotherapist or counsellor. Psychotherapy and counselling offer a safe, confidential context to explore important life difficulties, patterns and changes.

Both psychotherapy and counselling offer a professional relationship whose purpose is to assist clients to explore and resolve personal difficulties and life issues. In confidential therapy sessions, clients have an opportunity to speak freely about their lives and discover more about their inner world.

Psychotherapy is a unique relationship between therapist and client in which relationship patterns, unconscious thoughts, feelings, wishes and beliefs can emerge and be explored and understood compassionately. This enables clients to know and accept themselves as they are, to heal past hurts, overcome the negative effects of trauma, deficit and loss and become empowered to make new choices and embrace positive change.


So how can this process actually help me?

You will be able to tell your story in a professional and supportive environment. The therapist can guide you to understand what really matters to you now. This process often helps clients to see things more clearly. We then work together to make the differences in your life that are important to you.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Psychotherapists
- Members New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (MNZAP)
- Members New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
- ACC Registered Counsellors

Q When are you open?

Hours of work vary with each therapist. Let your therapist know your time restrictions. If your therapist can’t accommodate these he or she will try to find you a time with another therapist.

Q Where do I find you?

The Bungalow is a private psychotherapy and counselling practice. It is located at 268 Mt Albert Road, Sandringham and is easy to reach by bus or car, with off-street parking. The atmosphere is warm, comfortable and private.

Q What does it cost?

The cost of a one hour session varies between therapists. Fees to be arranged with the therapist. There are some situations where your counselling/psychotherapy is subsidised. If you are on a disability allowance with WINZ you can often claim a significant subsidy. If you are seeking therapy as a result of sexual abuse, ACC subsidises the full fee. There are some insurance companies that reimburse psychotherapy and counselling.

Q How long does it all take?

Each session usually lasts between 50 to 60 minutes. Your therapist will talk with you about how many sessions you need. Therapy can be short, medium or long term.