The Grief Centre

Supporting all people living through loss

Our services are designed to offer grief and loss support to youth, adults, families, or whānau experiencing any form of significant loss.

We also provide training, professional development, and staff  support sessions for professionals, community workers, and organisations.


How we can help

  • Counselling
  • ACC Sensitive Claims
  • Information and Resources
  • Bereavement Support Services
  • Professional Training and Workshops
  • Professional Supervision


Our counsellors can help with grief related to:

  • bereavement
  • relationship loss
  • redundancy
  • illness
  • perinatal loss
  • infertility
  • disability
  • migration
  • pet loss
  • sexual abuse


Counselling for Individuals

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and feel that despite their best efforts friends and family do not understand, we have counsellors who can help. They are trained to listen, support you and help you to find ways to deal with your loss. It does not matter how long ago you had your bereavement. Sometimes grief revisits when we least expect it. Our counsellors are experienced in all aspects of loss and grief, not just bereavement.


Counselling for Family/Whanau

Sometime families struggle after a death of a family member. Communication can be a challenge between family members as each responds to loss in different ways. Families often tip toe around afraid of upsetting each other. Sometimes outside help is needed to assist families to express their concerns, anxiety and sadness in a safe setting. This often helps families to express their loss with each other in a meaningful way.


About Us

Our teams consist of 27 clinicians with vast and diverse experience in all forms of loss, grief, trauma, difficult change, and sexual abuse. They have experience working with many different ethnicities and age-groups ranging from youth to adults, and including couples, families, and groups.


Professional Supervision

Whilst Professional Supervision is a legal requirement for anyone who is in a Counselling or Social Work role, it is also widely known to be a fundamental part of any one’s professional development if they are dealing with clients or families in a grief and loss capacity. A professional supervisor acts as a mentor, providing emotional support as well as information and guidance. By appointing a professional supervisor you are actively keeping your clients and yourself safe, whilst providing a platform for your own professional development.

Professional supervision is recommended whether you are new to your role or highly experienced. All our professional supervisors are NZAC members. They can also provide independent review and assessment of students who are applying for a derived grade, under the category of trauma and misfortune.


Q Registrations and Memberships

Our team of qualified counselors are all members of their appropriate professional body, including:
- Registered Psychologists
- Registered Psychotherapists
- Members New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (MNZAP)
- Members New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
- Members NZ Psychological Society (MNZPsS)
- Members NZ College of Clinical Psychologists (MNZCCP)
- ACC Registered Counsellors
- Victim Support Registered Counsellors

Q Languages

- English in all locations.
- Korean 한국어 is available in Glenfield, Auckland.

Q Appointments

Appointments are available Monday-Friday and evening appointments are possible.

Q Fees

- As a charity we are committed to helping you obtain the support that’s helpful to you. When you make an appointment we will discuss an affordable fee.
- ACC funded counselling is free and beneficiaries can generally access WINZ funded counselling.

Q Locations

We have counsellors available in many locations around New Zealand, including:
- Whangarei
- Warkworth
- Hibiscus Coast
- Auckland (various suburbs)
- Hamilton
- Tauranga
- Nelson
- Christchurch (various suburbs)
- & Online