Train in the "Out of the Fog" Depression/Anxiety Recovery Programme


For the past seven years, the 10-week “Out of the Fog” programme has been delivered via the ‘Mothers Helpers’ charity assisting women to recover from Perinatal Depression/Anxiety. Results of the course have shown that attendees’ symptoms have reduced by 48% and 90% are completely well/recovered by course-end. With a heart and passion to help people “get out of the fog” of depression and anxiety, author Kristina Grace (previously Kristina Paterson) is wanting to make this programme available, affordable and accessible to any adult experiencing depression or anxiety.

If you are a qualified social worker, counsellor, psychologist or therapist, you can now train online to deliver this effective programme in individual or group therapy to your clients experiencing depression/anxiety.

This training includes two supervision sessions with Kristina and a free listing on the “Out of the Fog” website as certified to deliver this programme.


Content of 10 week Course:

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. What is Depression & Anxiety?
  3. Medication & Alternatives
  4. CBT
  5. Exercise & Diet
  6. Risk Factors, Stressors & Triggers
  7. Mindfulness, Meditation & Other Methods
  8. Self-care & Self-esteem
  9. Management of Long-term Depression & Preventing Relapse
  10. Action Plan (Developing my Toolkit)

The training videos and documents are available to you online and you can complete the training in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere in the country.


Q Your location is advertised in Central Auckland - is this where the training is?

No. The training is available online and therefore it can be accessed by any clinician anywhere in the country who has purchased the series of training videos, documentation and supervision package so long as you are registered as a counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker or mental health clinician.

Q I am a mental health coach or have a certificate in mental health support, is this sufficient to train in this programme?

No. You must have a minimum of a Level 7 qualification in one of the fields mentioned above. We may consider a Level 6 qualification depending on the situation.

Q I am provisionally registered. Can I train in this programme?

Yes, but only if you are willing to book in regular and ongoing supervision sessions with Kristina Grace while you are delivering the programme to individuals or in group therapy until you are fully registered. Those who are fully registered should use the two supervision sessions that are part of the training when they first start facilitating group therapy or delivering the programme in individual therapy but those who are provisionally registered will require fortnightly or monthly supervision when running the programme.

Q A number of approaches have shown to help depression/anxiety, why would I train in this programme?

The "Out of the Fog" programme brings together a number of modalities alongside a holistic approach to mental health. The programme includes self-reflection, psycho-education - providing your client with tools they can take away and refer to - self-managing their mental health. And if you're interested in delivering group therapy so that therapy is more available to New Zealanders that cannot afford private therapy, this is an ideal programme for that setting.