Working with Emotions in Psychological Therapy

A 5 step model

May 27 2024,  9am -12pm on zoom

As psychologists, it is our “bread-and-butter” to work with emotions in our clinical settings. However, that does not mean it is easy or that it comes naturally to us. In our academic training we may not have had much depth of teaching on this issue.

In this workshop working with intense emotions will be explored from an Attachment-based psychotherapeutic lens, which places primary importance on the therapeutic relationship for healing and co-regulating emotions that are too hard for the client to handle on their own. Neufeld’s 5 step model of working with emotions from an attachment-based development perspective will be presented as well as recent research from the affective sciences and emotion regulation theory. The topic of dealing with transference/counter transference in the therapeutic relationship will also be addressed as this is an area where we can be ‘blind sided’. Self-care strategies and mental hygiene tips will be offered to reduce burn-out, becoming ‘numbed out’ and suffer compassion fatigue due to prolonged exposure to client’s intense emotional responses.

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