Writing with and through grief webinar

The Grief Centre

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Who should do this course?

This webinar is designed for both bereaved people and clinicians working with bereaved people. Anyone who works in a professional care role or supports people through all forms of loss and grief. Our content is applicable to a wide variety of professions including counsellors, social workers, funeral professionals, teachers, emergency response teams, medical, corrections, mental health, hospice, volunteers, caregivers and more.


Losing a loved one can create a profound disruption in a person’s sense of the world and their own identity. Storytelling is one way to bring some order to chaos. While storytelling can happen in social settings, a bereaved person can also tell their own stories through personal writing. Writing stories of loss can also bring some order into the experience through crafting the experience anew. Personal writing can also offer a new perspective, as the bereaved person becomes an author and witness to their life and future in a new way.

In this two-hour webinar, Sarah will lay a foundation for understanding fluctuations in grieving. She will then explore personal creative writing as one way to help make meaning of grief, to remember a loved one, and create a version of a life well lived.

She will primarily focus on the use of three writing approaches:

  • Journalling
  • Memoir/life review writing
  • Poetry (haiku, free verse)

Practical examples of these kinds of writing will be shared and ideas given for creative approaches to writing in and with grief, in order to both acknowledge loss and focus on remaking life. Sarah will also talk about potential audiences for writing, beyond oneself, and also about self-care during writing. Opportunity will be given during the webinar to do some live personal writing. This webinar is designed for both bereaved people and clinicians working with bereaved people.

Webinar registration details

  • Access to the live webinar and recording
  • Access to a downloadable PDF handout
  • Certificate of accomplishment issued on completion of a short quiz

Certificate of accomplishment

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Q Ticket prices

$85 plus GST for two hour live webinar, access to the recording, notes and a quiz to receive a certificate of accomplishment for CPD/OPD points.