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Follow the steps below to VIEW the EMAILS stored in your Talkingworks account.

The emails from the enquiry form on your Listings is actually a copy. The original emails are stored in your Talkingworks Inbox, which you can access via the Dashboard.

You might want to look here to check the originals, if you think you all your enquiries aren’t getting to your personal email address.

NB: It’s a good idea to delete your emails occasionally, because even with the best of intentions, in today’s environment we can’t guarantee that Talkingworks will never be hacked, and if it ever happened the less client info in the system the better.

photo of signin button on talkingworks

Sign in

  • click on the SIGN IN button at the top right corner of your screen
photo of dashbord button on talkingworks

Go to your Dashboard

  • hover over your account name in top right of screen
  • click on DASHBOARD in the drop down menu


image of talkingworks member dashboard for the inbox

Choose Inbox

  • click on INBOX in the left hand menu

Your Inbox Screen

  • there are 3 columns to your Talkingworks Inbox, whether you see them all side-by-side or one or more columns is stacked below the other/s will depend on the width of your screen, ie. you may have to scroll down to see all 3 screens
  • the first column is the list of all your saved email enquiries
  • the second column is the email of the email you want to look at (by default it opens the most recent email)
  • the third column is the name and email address of the sender
image of talkingworks member email screen

To View an Email

  • select the email you want to view from the first column
  • the email you’ve chosen will be indicated by the BLUE vertical LINE
  • NB: if you have a lot of stored emails you will probably have to scroll back to the top of the screen to see the email message

To Reply to an Email

  • you can reply to the sender from within this inbox, however email systems can be suspicious of emails from websites and put them into the recipients spam/promotion/social folders, and they might not check these folders
  • so, I encourage you to reply to them from your own email system
  • to do this COPY the senders email address and PASTE it into a new email in your own email system, then all further correspondence will return to your normal email address
image with the location of the email delete button in members talkingworks accounts

To Delete an Email

  • select the email you want to delete from the first column
  • NB: if you have a lot of stored emails you will probably have to scroll back to the top of the screen to see the email message
  • just above the email message click the DELETE button
  • repeat for all the emails you want to delete