Supported Assessments 101: A senior clinician’s take on preparing assessments

Diane Clare

An interactive online workshop on preparing and providing Supported Assessments for ACC Sensitive Claims

This workshop is to assist those quite new to completing Supported Assessments, as well as being a refresher for those more experienced.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is not ACC endorsed training – it is a senior clinician’s take)


Topics covered:

  1. What/why/who: What is an ACC Supported Assessment, why are they needed, and who delivers them?
  2. ABCD: Preparing and things to check before you begin: Approvals, Booking in, Core information, documents you will need.
  3. The 4Rs in Mapping the journey – rapport, roles, risks, requirements.
  4. The 3 Fs to the Finish line:  Follow up session, formulation and feedback.
  5. Handling hiccups e.g. delay of medical notes, remote working, accuracy checking.
  6. Conclusions and issues arising.

Diane Clare will facilitate this workshop using ZOOM. Participants will be able to do exercises in separate (virtual) break-out rooms. If you have specific questions, we also encourage participants to email these to us prior to the workshop.

​There is an additional follow-on workshop Supported Assessments​ 201.


When: 31 May 2024, 9.30am – 4pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: $320 incl GST. The price stated is per person.

Contact: Faye  [email protected]

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Q About Diane

BA, MA (Hons), Dip. Clin. Psych., AFBPS
Memberships: NZCCP, MNZAP, ISSTD
Accredited Practitioner in EMDR and is a member of the EMDRNZ Board.

Diane Clare is a registered clinical psychologist who trained at the University of Canterbury. Diane has worked in mental health and counselling services since 1981, first as a grief counsellor then as a psychotherapist, before becoming registered as a psychologist in 1993. She has worked in leadership and Director level roles across a range of services in both NZ and the UK including primary care, adult mental health, forensic, intellectual disability and tertiary student services.

While in the UK in 2005 she developed the Alternatives to Self-Harm programme and has presented her work internationally since 2012. Diane is a seasoned presenter and provides a range of workshop options with an emphasis on practical solutions for clinical staff. She has a specialist interest in working with people recovering from the effects of complex trauma.

Q Who Should Attend

This 5 hour online workshop is to assist those quite new to completing Supported Assessments, as well as being a refresher for those more experienced senior clinicians.

It is suitable for ACC Approved assessors and those seeking approval from ACC to become assessors.

This workshop cannot guarantee ACC approval of you to become an assessor, but it does offer guidance in how to tackle the task once you are an approved assessor.

PLEASE NOTE: your attendance for this training is not a guarantee of ACC approval for you to become an assessor nor is it part of ACC's in-house training as it is a clinician's take on the challenges in this task.