Charles Graty

R101 Counselling Service

Here to Help, Whatever the problem:
Relationships, Stress depression, anger ……….

If you are struggling with …

  • relationship issues
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • addictive behaviours
  • life crises & trauma
  • grief & loss
  • HIV & Aids
  • sexual functioning issues
  • confusion over life direction & spirituality
  • cross cultural issues
  • anger management issues

… the good news is when you choose to take positive action and seek help, you can start to turn your life around regardless of where you’re at right now.

You may feel a sense of great relief even after your first session, simply because you’ve found such a safe place, where you’re working together with someone in a solution focused way to resolve your issues. You can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.


Working flexibly to meet your needs

I am skilled in a variety of counselling techniques and will tailor make my way of working to meet your individual needs.

Whether you:

  • prefer a logical, thinking, behaviour change approach that is focussed on problem solving
  • want to focus on your world of emotion or healing memories
  • desire to explore your own unconscious mind
  • are interested in making meaning of your Dreams
  • want to pursue your personal development,

I can help you achieve your goal. Please ask for details when you call.


Build a vibrant, loving relationship

I am passionate about working with couples to help men and women build strong, healthy, vibrant and loving relationships that last a life time.

When couples come to an appointment, there can sometimes be a sense of foreboding about how on earth they are going to unpack what the issues are without having a re-enactment of conflict they are already familiar with. One of the ways I work in helping couples with this and resolving other conflicts is by having them complete a comprehensive online assessment, usually in the privacy of there own home and without their partner present. The detailed information I then receive allows me to tailor make a unique plan for there own needs that helps the couple to get a sense of feeling safe in sessions with me and of course more importantly with each other. When you call ask about the online assessment called Prepare/Enrich or Gottman research based couple assessment.

My training in sex therapy also enables me to offer a safe environment where individuals or couples can have confidence that even the most difficult and sometimes embarrassing areas of sexuality and sexual function can be openly discussed and problems resolved.


Helping People for 25 Years

I am Charles Graty a therapist with over 25 years experience. I am highly successful helping people resolve a wide spectrum of problems.

Something my clients always comment on is how quickly they feel comfortable talking to me about their issues. My diverse background allows me to tailor my style of working with you so you get exactly the right type of support you need.

​I have had for a long time an ever growing vision for helping people, and this has led me directly in the pursuit of my work as a counsellor. I am committed to continued learning, adding to and stretching my knowledge base and experience.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member NZ Christian Counsellors Association (MNZCCA)
- Member NZ Violence Prevention Association (MNZVPA )

Q Qualifications

- Advanced Diploma in Counselling
- Certificate in Advanced Sex Therapy (STNZ)
- Gottman Couples Therapy L2
- EFCT Externship and Core Skills I
- Certificate Applied Advanced Dreamwork
- Trained Supervisor

Q Testimonials

"​My first hurdle was actually asking for help as I have been raised very independent. Charles has provided a safe place where I can talk about anything without fear of being judged or rejected. He doesn't try to "fix" me, rather he helps me to focus on what causes me to behave or react in certain ways and teaches me coping strategies and skills for dealing with situations when they arise. The knowledge Charles shares is relevant, inspirational and practical."

Q Fees

Though my fees are outlined below, I do recognise that often finance is part of a bigger problem for many people and I am interested in being part of a solution to help you get the support you need when you need it. Please talk to me if this is the case with you.

My fees are:
- $139+GST for 50 minute session
- Some concessions may be available for hardship cases, please ask when you call.

Q How long will it take?

In response to the question about how long will out take? It can be a bit like asking "How long is a piece of string" there are many factors that need to be considered in the equation. What kind of problem it is, how long you have been living with it and most importantly how much commitment you can give to working on an agreed action plan outside of the appointments.​

Q Counselling appears expensive

Counselling is not like when you get to see your doctor who will have only a few minutes to see you, and can cost from $20.00 to $70.00 counselling is generally for about an hour, which then has that added cost for a longer appointment with a professional. Counsellors also have to pay large amounts of money for ongoing professional development, professional supervision and membership of a professional governing body to which they are accountable. All these things add up to make the counselling fees what they are.

Q Locations

Sessions are available online by Skype or In-Person at:
- Phoenix House Counselling Centre, Henderson
- R101 Counselling service, Basra Drive Henderson
- Life Unlimited Counselling Centre, Mount Albert

​Please note that client sessions are available by appointment only.

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