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grief, loss, and change

Grief, Loss, and Change

arrowtransitional grief and other feelings: how to deal with the multi-faceted effects of change. By Joy Campbell
arrowputting your house in order or confessions of a ‘cluttered’ counsellor: what are the obstacles to simplicity and spaciousness in our lives. By Hazel Thompson
arrow what's happened to baby? review of a book for children 3-7 years old, who have had a baby die in their family/whanau. By Anne Horrill

arrow the journey through grief:  this article describes the many ways grief can affect you as time passes after a loss.
arrow the four tasks of mourning:  this article describes four tasks that if attended to will enable you to find new satisfaction and fulfilment in life following a loss.
arrow grief - a soldier's perspective:  an explanation of grief for service and ex-service personnel and their families. By Martin Knight-Willis