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Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy

by Henriette Politano

The ways in which we were not loved during childhood can be directly read from our adult relationships.
    - Paul Schellenbaum

Imago Relationship Therapy developed by Dr Harville Hendrix is a powerful process allowing couples to transform their relationship. Imago believes that growth and healing is done in the context of a committed relationship and that conflict is growth wanting to happen. The main focus of Imago is to restore and maintain conscious and committed connection. Partners learn listening to each other with curiosity and interest and replace the basic patterns of “right” and “wrong” with an understanding of each other’s individuality. Imago provides a space for safe and respectful communication.

When working with an Imago Couples Therapist you can expect to develop communication skills that enable each of you to truly hear and understand your partner. Such a safe way of resolving frustrations and conflict can help you develop a more genuine, connected, loving and passionate relationship.
Imago relationship therapy available in Nelson with Henriette Politano
Relationship therapy can help couples to:
  • understand the dynamics of their relationship
  • learn practical and respectful communication and listening skills
  • respect each other’s point of view
  • dissolve the power struggle
  • meet each other’s needs
  • have romantic connection
  • improve their sexual relationship
  • deepen appreciation
  • expand their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical connection
  • understand the impact of childhood and other life experiences upon your relationship
  • rediscover the joy and passion of being together
  • break free from old destructive communication and behaviour patterns
  • develop deep compassion for each other
  • create a safe and nurturing environment for your children


For more information on Imago Relationship Therapy in New Zealand go to
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Article posted 7 August 2018
Henriette Politano hakomi therapist nelson
Henriette Politano is a counsellor and psychotherapist with a private practice in Nelson.
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